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A Quick overview of homeschooling your children

by Deborah Safford

Beginning Homeschooling

I. Reasons for Homeschooling – vary from wanting to train children in Godliness to giving a better education than the public schools. Whatever your reasons there is sure to be someone else doing the same.

II. Advantages

  • All subjects can be taught from a biblical perspective and include spiritual training.
  • Quality time given to your children, so you may train and influence them in all areas.
  • Each child receives individual attention and has his unique needs met.
  • Parents can control negative and destructive influences.
  • Children gain respect for their parents and have a closeness in the entire family.
  • Children develop confidence and independent thinking away from the pressure to conform.
  • Communication between different age groups is enhanced.
  • Children have time to explore new interests and to think.
  • Flexible scheduling can accommodate parents’ work and vacation times.
  • You know your children and what they have been putting into their minds.

III. Disadvantages

  • This is work! You are now their teacher and you don’t even get paid a monetary amount.
  • Your time is not your own! But you share it with your children.
  • Usually moms don’t work outside the home, so there is less income. You do adjust.
  • Socialization is not a problem – Who wants their kids to be like the rest of the kids in the schools nowadays anyway.

IV. How to get started - Read, Read, Read

  • Get some good material about homeschooling - there is lots of it.
  • Find out about the local and state laws - what are your requirements?
  • Put together your curriculum - books, tapes, videos, resources, etc.
  • Get with a good group who you feel you can communicate with. Within that group get to know some of the individuals with kids the same age as yours.
  • Do get involved in some of the activities.
  • Get your household in order to make room for homeschooling, not just space but time.

V. Methods - These will vary just as individual parent/teachers and children do.

A. Some like the workbook approach. A.C.E. Paces or Alpha Omega lifepacs
B. Some have to have hands on projects. KONOS or other unite studies
C. Getting some of both is a good balance for some children.
D. Some prefer the video school or satellite program - A Beka or Bob Jones
E. Or getting a complete program like Christian Liberty, Bob Jones, or A Beka
F. And some of us put together a hodgepodge combination of our own.

The main thing to remember is that you are not a slave to the books or materials that you purchase. They are tools to use as you like. One child may have loved that book, but the next loathes it. Or sometimes the teacher just gets tired of the presentation after two or three and would like another style. Go for it. All of these materials can work, as long as you do!