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Forwarding a web address

Original message posted by Sarah Smith on 12-28-06.

I have a website with yahoo but it is unfinished and out of date. I would like to forward it to my current website so that if somone logs onto the yahoo site they are automatically forwarded to my current web page. Does anyone know how I can do this? I appreciate your help.

Reply by Joshua Jones on 12-30-06.

What you're trying to do is actually quite simple. Here is a page that will show you how:
You can also search google for the term "javascript redirect" and you'll see a few different options. The question you'll need to answer is whether you want to first inform visitors that they're being redirected (so they can update their bookmarks) or if you just want to automatically redirect them. If you plan to eventually close your Yahoo site, you should opt to inform people. hope that helps!

Reply by O.Joshua on 09-09-07.

Hello Sarah Smith ! I like to help you all I need your email id,password and all info for your site so i can do for you. You can contact me on

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