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Orphans of South Africa

Original message posted by Philip Coetzee on 01-17-07.

Hallo. My name is Philip and I am In the process of bringing to life a project for orphans in South Africa. We aim to support them and teach them self-worth through Gods great love. I came upon this mission through God talking to me one Sunday afternoon whilst I was hiking in the mountains. The project is named “Mighty Wild” and will focus on supporting orphans in South Africa, not only with financial support but more on a person to person basis. The outline of the project is way to large to post here so please, we need financial support and anyone who feels in their hearts that God wants them to help may contact me at Kind regards and God bless.

Reply by Glenda Hills on 01-26-07.

Hi, I greet you in the name of my lord and savior Jesus Christ. My group will be comming to south africa in March and maybe we can meet or EM each other to discuss some of the possibilities for your projects. We are a very small medical missionary group (10 people)and we are visting to do two clinics one in cape town and the other in Johannesburg. We will be there for two weeks. We are from New York, but are all from the Caribbean and may be able to help in some small way. Regards, and GODS Eternal blessings, Glenda

Reply by Olufunmilayo Chris Omisope on 03-27-07.

Though am a Nigerian,but i will love to help in all passion is basically towards them.

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