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Shipping to krasnodar Russia

Original message posted by Outlawgang on 02-06-07.

Moving family of 7 to Krasnodar Russia. DOn't necessarily need furniture shipped. But not sure what is best way to ship other goods. We get 14 free bags (2 per person) when we fly. Wanting to know if others have gone it RUssia, and if it's best to try to ship/send or just take on plane? Of course, i'm also on the hunt for the "perfect" type of box/bags to ship! Have seen trunks, plastic bins, duffles. Need advice on best way to go! Thanks. AO

Reply by Esther on 05-31-07.

If you are all on one ticket from origin to final destination it is probably cheapest to take some extra luggage (also depends on what the max weight is for your airline, normally 50lbs. but I've found that for and extra $25 you can get an extra 20lbs/bag which is well worth it). If you have a ton of stuff to ship, I would check out MEEST corporation, but otherwise the best bet is to take it with you if you can. I'd also recommend cardboard boxes if you are concerned about weight, but a better alternative if you can afford it is plastic bins or trunks. They afford better protection for your goods and you can use them for storage when you get there.

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