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Furlough Autos

Original message posted by Ken Enneper on 04-01-07.

Is there a need for suppling autos for missionaries coming back on furlough? how many are on furlough at any given time? furlough autos is a support service i am trying find out if there is need for. thank you for your help

Reply by Bianca on 04-02-07.

Yes, there is! I am a missionary on home leave right now and it's a major need. For example, I'm driving a temporary car right now but it's not a very reliable option (can't take it out of town, etc). I and other missionaries like myself always need cars during our furloughs. My large church usually hosts an annual convention that alot of us missionaries (10-15 at a time) come back for, and it's always a struggle to find transportation. There are only so many people who are willing to let us borrow cars, and usually not for more than a couple weeks. I wouldn't be able to dialogue directly with you in the future on logistics but there are people in place in my church who probably would. By the way, we are located in Virginia Beach, VA...where are you located? Bianca

Reply by Monica Bell on 04-24-07.

Yes, me also, We will be returning back to the states (Virgina) in July and will need something for 8 months before returning back to Africa. Message to Bianca, If you know any state side mission housing in Virgina can you let me know. Thanks Monica

Reply by Robyn Arheghan on 07-05-07.

Ken, Blessings to you!!! I am in the process of starting up a ministry to provide support for missionaries. One of the things I was looking to connect them with upon return to the States is use of a vehicle. I would love to know more about what you do and discuss possibly incorporating your service into our program when and where possible. Monica & Bianca, If you could tell me what other resources you would need returning from long term or full time missions, I would appreciate it. God has really put a burden in my heart for the Body to take better care of those on the front lines. It is just beginning (resource information gathering) but by God's grace maybe there is something I can do to help. Blessings, Robyn

Reply by Joshua Jones on 07-05-07.

Robyn, as you set out to help missionaries, we'd certainly love some help editing this website. Drop me a note if you'd like to discuss more about how we could plug you in.
God bless!

Reply by Melody on 07-18-07.

Oh, Ken, I wish you already had this ministry going! We are missionaries planning on going home on furlough in just 10 days and still do not have a car! We have been searching, and the ONE place that we thought could rent us a car fell through. It's hard because we have to have a car big enough for 7 people. May the Lord bless you in your ministry and if anyone out there knows of a place we can rent a van cheaply for 7 months, please let me know! In His Service, Melody

Reply by Another Ken on 07-29-07.

This is a good place to ask. They lease automobiles to missionaries on furlough. Missionary Tech Team is a good organization. they have been doing it a few years.

Reply by Teresa D. on 08-03-07.

I think this is great, thanks Ken for starting this discussion. I am a full time missionary, I have been in ministry for 5 years. Florida has been my home base now for about a year, and I just got back from my overseas, and I'm in need of a vehicle. I mostly go overseas during summer. I have been using a car, but starting tueday, I will be on my bike for transportation. Im in desperate need. I know God will provide according to His will.

Reply by Rebecca on 08-09-07.

What a God directed Ministry!! I am coming Stateside in Sept... to St. Louis but visiting several states in 3 weeks... have to purchase Grey Hound tickets and then still rely on pastors and family to drive me around to my meetings.. A car would be wonderful.. Let me know if this is up and running by then!!! actually let me know I need to purchase the bus ticket in the next week to get the best deal on prices. Thank you... and we are Praying for you from Mexico!

Reply by Jim And Becky White on 08-16-07.

We are looking for a vehicle to use while home on furlough. we will be needed a vehicle from october 16, 2007 until february 12,2008. thank for any help.

Reply by Richard R. on 10-23-07.

We have also found this to be a great need for us. We manage to get back to the States from Germany about one month each year in January (Florida) and struggle every time to find transportation. Rental car rates wreck our budget. Thanks for stirring up interest in this important topic.

Reply by Sandra Trees on 11-05-07.

This ministry would be wonderful!! My husband and I just returned from a 4 month furlough and the "car" situation was very discouraging. Finding someone to loan you a car is like finding a needle in a haystack. We are based out of Minnesota. Anyway, you have all our votes that YES this is a VERY big need.

Reply by Charlie Frink on 11-06-07.

We are planning a furlough from NZ in March 2008, and are starting the hunt for a vehicle. We would like to land in CA and drive across the US, so if you have any contacts in the LA area, it would be most appreciated! This is a very big need for missionaries!

Reply by Derek on 06-20-08.

Hi Iam a missionary on furlough and married with a 1 year old baby. Iam looking for cheap accomodation in Seattle Area, especially Kirkland. Please help before my family and I are on the streets.

Reply by Paul Pearson on 01-13-09.

My wife and I are in Indonesia serving as teacher trainers. We will be flying into the Chattanooga, Tennessee area during April We need cheap accomodation for a period of two week. Any suggestions, Thank you! Paul

Reply by Tony on 03-08-09.

We are missionaries and do know the need of a car. Once, when we borrowed a car from a relative, we paid the car insurance. Can be the added cost of a new driver. It does made some people more comfortable in lending. Are there any insurance brokers that do give big discounts as part of their ministry. Any used car dealers that rent cars at insurance rates only as per ministry. Car donations to church or ministry for car lending? Need a car that we can pickup in Columbia or Atlanta area for 40 days, [late Mar-April]. Thank you , Tony

Reply by Bev Smith on 03-16-09.

We have found the best place to buy a reliable vehicle is through Mission Auto Connection. We found that you can pretty much sell it for the same a year later. Pull up their website. They have volunteers who will often drive the vehicle to you and you pay their ticket back to Ohio. We are in need for a 2 month rental this time. We heard there were some organizations that does that for missionaries.

Reply by Heather on 03-31-09.

Anyone know of any organisations/ ministrys of this sort that operate in Canada??

Reply by Selia on 08-07-09.

I am excited to have found your website. I have returned to Virginia Beach after a 2-year arts missions' trip stateside (Philadelphia, PA). I am in need of a vehicle and housing in Virginia Beach (Tidewater) area. Please let me know if you are aware of both. These are both needed immediately. God richly bless you in this awesome ministry.

Reply by Rachel on 08-12-09.

Great need...6 days and we need something for our family of 6 in NC! Great ministry idea...keep up the good work. For Heather, I just came across this online and wished I was headed to Canada...hope it helps! Rachel

Reply by Rob And Denise Miller on 09-09-09.

We are long-term missionaries coming back to the US from Africa the end of January 2010 for 3 months. We are in need of a vehicle. Our blog is to read more about what we do. This is a wonderful ministry and one that is needed. We usually borrow or rent a car and it is difficult and expensive! We'll be praying for you! Please let us know if you have your ministry running yet. Thank you and may God bless you abundantly as you step out in faith in His service! God's blessings, Denise and Rob Miller

Reply by Mark Reighard on 09-10-09.

A couple of years ago, some friends and I started a 501(c)3 to work on addressing missionary furlough needs(Righteous Rides). We currently have 20 late model vehicles in the fleet. This thread appears to have going for some time... but for anyone interested in this topic feel free to contact me at I'd love to share lessons learned that would help improve the church's support of missionaries.

Reply by Bishop Salamat on 12-08-09.

Dear Friends Shalom. I am missionary from Pakistan, a Christian healing evangelist and Church planter and we have planted 108 churches in Pakistan. God has called me for evangelistic work in USA. I have been visiting US for ministry since 2001 but, visiting there in January, 2010 to start ministry base including planting church. I need a dependable Car in USA. I would greatly appreciate any help, connections. I shall supply the needed information. Blessings Bishop Salamat Khokhar

Reply by Sue Krupp on 01-17-10.

We are a family of 6 returning on furlough late February/Marc. We need a vehicle and housing for at least one year in the Dallas area. If you can help us please let us know.

Reply by Carol Lynn on 02-15-10.

Greetings. We have a great need for a vehicle. We are missionaries with Pioneers and will be furloughing from May 29, 2010 until about September 7, 2010. We need the car in order to drive from church to church. We will need a car that we can put miles on! Anything available? Thank you so much.

Reply by Ruth Murphy on 03-04-10.

We are a missionary family of five in need of a car to use or rent from June5-Aug.10. We will be flying into NJ and traveling to TN and TX on deposition. W can pick up a vehicle at any point along the way. If you are able to help in ny way o oint us in the right direction, we would be very grateful. Thanks Ruth Murphy

Reply by Edwin Chaves on 03-21-10.

We are a missionary family we need of a car to use or rent from June 4-Aug.25. We will be flying into Miami and traveling to NY and GA. We can pick up a vehicle at any point along the way. If you are able to help in ny way o oint us in the right direction, we would be very grateful. Thanks Edwin Chaves

Reply by Tim on 04-27-10.

My family of 4 will arrive in L.A., CA. on the third week of May and will travel until the third week of August. We will be in need of a vehicle. If any one know of a place in L.A., CA please let us know. Thank you Tim

Reply by Adrianna P. Simon on 04-29-10.

Hi I am a single missionary doing work in the US before my overseas departure is in the winter. I need a vehicle while I "finish" my training here in the US. I will be doing my training in Kansas City, MO and I currently live in Philadelphia. I will need a car I can travel cross country with. However, I will mostly be in MO. I will also be in Colorado. Are you able to help/ point me in the right direction? You can post the reply on the page, but can you also email me to make sure that I get it? thanks

Reply by Adrianna P. Simon on 04-29-10.

This goes with the post above. my email ( i didnt see it post above) thanks adrianna

Reply by April Keyser on 05-24-10.

This is such a huge need for us on the field. We are a missionary family of 5 coming into the States in July for a month and the car situation is so hard. Would love any news of help in this area. We are flying into Tampa, Fl. Please email us at

Reply by Frank Apisa on 05-26-10.

Ciao, My wife and I will be on home service, starting June 29 to September 21 of 2010. We are in need of a car. Our mission field is Milano,Italy. We work with University students. If there is someone that can help us, it will be appreciated very much. My promise for this request is: Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart, Psalm 37:4. God bless you, Frank

Reply by on 07-17-10.

Hello, We are Eric and Carla Hargis. Our family was lead by the Lord to start a vehicle ministry for Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionaries and missionaries of like faith. We started in April of 2007 and currentyly have 40 vehicles to offer. We are booked up for most of 2010, well into 2011 and even into 2013. You can visit our web site at to see more about us. Our vehicles are leased to the missionary with full coverage insurance and a maintenance plan. The missionary is responsible for certain maintenance items, for all tickets incurred along with any deductibles required for repairs. Eric is still employed at a fulltime job of 41 to 49 hours per week. Our family currently operates this ministry alone, with the support of two churches. We are looking into the possibility of housing in the future. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Reply by on 07-17-10.

You can contact us through our web site and have a response within 24 hours. Again our web site is

Reply by Kristi Landaw on 11-22-10.

We are interested to know about your leasing program for missionaries. Our son and daughter in law will be traveling to raise their support for about one year beginning early 2010. We are with the United Pentecostal Church International.

Reply by Beth Leverich on 12-29-10.

My husband and I are missionaries in Chad, Africa. We will be on home assignment starting in late July 2011 for one year. We will be flying to IL and then on to CA. We will be spending the majority of time in Northern CA where our home church is. Is there anyone out there that might be able to help us with a car for that period of time?

Reply by Shehbaz Jalal on 01-16-11.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am a pastor from Pakistan. I go into remote areas for preaching. I have a car but that is very small and does not have enough space to have other ministry members go with me. We need a bigger truck. I can sell my car and contribute the money. Is there anyone who could help us with the remaining amount? Or could anyone send us a truck as a gift from US? Please help. Thank you and God bless you. Email me at:

Reply by Ivan Correa on 04-24-11.

My family and I are going to States for furlough from may/2012 till may/2013. I am a Pastor and work full time with a mission board to the youth of the northeast part of Brazil. If there is any possibility to anyone to provide a car for us during this period, we really appreciated!we will arrive in Fl and will be must of the time in Schroon Lake, NY.

Reply by Jeanne Jorash on 04-24-11.

My family is planning on coming to the states for a year-long home assignment in mid-June. We are currently in Ukraine. We will need a vehicle for sure! We have 4 daughters already in the states. Our youngest daughter graduates from HS this spring. Our 3 boys will be still living with us after this summer. Our main homebase will be in Tennessee, but we plan to spend a few months in Kansas City, MO. Our mission is Mission To Unreached Peoples based in Plano, TX.

Reply by Rev . P. Ephraim on 05-14-11.

I HAVE NEED OF VAN IN MY MINISTRIES WORK IN 40 VILLAGES “TEACHING EVERYONE WITH ALL WISDOM SO THAT WE MAY PRESENT EVERYONE PERFECT IN ” . . . COLO 1: 28 SOUL2SOULMINISTRIES P.O.BOX-3 ,TENALI522201,GUNTUR(DT)A.P.INDIA =================================================================================== Rev. P. EPHRAIM To, Dear servants of God Greetings to you in the most precious name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Let me introduce myself that my Name is Rev. P. Ephraim, We have established a Christian Organization named "Society of the Prince of Peace" with the Help of some Faithful Christians. We established this society only because that we can proclaim the spirit of God in our Area. Some of our Gospel Teams have been Distributing the Bible free Tracts and Booklets in the particular centers Hospitals, Educational Centers and some Remote villages of our Area. By the Grace of God we are running a Christian Lending Library in my town since 1997. So many people are come and search the scriptures and saved their souls to our Lord’s kingdom through these scriptures. I will be able to succeed this program. So we request you please pray for my spiritual need and send some Bibles, Bible based material to my library purpose. We have A Good Team of Youth 15 member, they are all involved Tracts distributions, street preaching and they are visit to some remote villages and proclaim the God’s words and distribute the free tracts and new testaments. So we need some more Gospel tracts and Library material to my area people spiritual help. Kindly consider my request and send the above material to me. We win some souls here through these materials. God bless you always. I am waiting for your kind reply. Pls Prayer for our Need‘s: - OUR TEAMS ARE VISIT TO SOME REMOTE VILLAGES , AND SPREED THE WORD OF GOD AND DISTRIBUTE THESE TRACTS FREELY. OUR TEAMS VISIT TO HOSPITAL EDUCATIONAL CENTERS WEEKLY ONCE I HAVE NEED OF MORE THEN TRACTS & BIBLE'S . . . Therefore Brother as you too know pretty well as all these services are Herculean tasks and as such, we are humbly and earnestly requesting and imploring that please kindly pray for the total augmentation of our respective ministry here in India . With pleasure, your physical presence here with us is highly solicited according to your tentative schedule and as per God’s Will. We will pray for your visit to India and its grand success. We do hope you may react peacefully and consider our this specific request with kind heart and also with prayerful outlook. It is our humble request please kindly visit once our ministry website with pleasure. See Our Web Site : - Please pray for us as we pray for you. We shall await for your further the most valuable and prayerful response at an earliest with good anticipation and fervent hope. We pray for you and your Family and also your ministry in my Regular prayers. WE NEED YOU! Please Help Us. We especially need monthly donors I HAVE NEED BIBLE ,CD'S , TRACTS AND ONE DVD-PROJECTOR . . .I & MY TEAM DOING THE GOSPEL WORK HONEST IN MY AREA IN SINCE 1999 May God Bless U Yours in His service forever Rev . P. Ephraim

Reply by Rev. Dr. Edonna on 06-01-11.

Yes, there is a great need for this type of service. I just returned home and am in need of a temporary vehicle while I conduct fundraising for the completion of our orphanage in Mubende, Uganda. The land was burned in January and we are having to start from scratch, we shall not be moved. Please let us know how we can get assistance with transportation, while continuing to do God's work.

Reply by Joel Johnson on 06-24-11.

Hello and greetins from Brazil. we are coming to the states in about 6 weeks. we are in need of a vehicle. are there any ? can you help? Joel

Reply by Randolph Capp on 07-09-11.

We've been looking to do a short-term lease on a car during a six-month furlough in the US, as we transition from Germany to Egypt. Our furlough begins on August 17, 2011 and we hope to be in Egypt by the end of January. Our arrival and departure point is Atlanta. Does anyone have any suggestions for where we could get a car? (See Thanks.

Reply by James Bunch on 09-13-11.

We were church-planting missionaries in Brazil for 21 years and have been working with International Students and Couples in the UK (Wales & England) since 1995. In November we are returning to Portland, Oregon, after 37 years abroad, to continue similar work. We need to move our things from Birmingham, England to Portland, Oregon. Anyone know of a Christian Organization that might be of help. We will also need a vehicle (eventually two) to resume our work there. Love to hear from folk with ideas! Anyone in Portland area with burden for Internationals? Drop-in-centre? Couples ministry? We do 2=1 "Married for Life"! Thanks a bunch! In, For, by, through and Because Him, Jim/o/Sandy <')))><

Reply by Noah Kamper on 09-23-11.

We are coming back from language school to Grand Rapids, MI during the month of December. We need a to borrow a vehicle that can haul our family of four around the state for a month. find us at

Reply by Joseph Buchanan on 09-25-11.

I am a Missionary to the Jewish People in the USA, and I am Just starting My deputation i need a very low cost relaiable car to go an deputation with . does anyone know where i can get a good deal???? I live in Ohio Cerantly

Reply by Jessica Newhouse on 11-22-11.

Hi, I am a missionary as a full time staff with YWAM. I am going back to Oregon for a two month furlough and am wondering if there is a vehicle or a car company in the area with good discounts. That can help me out. Thanks

Reply by Dwayne on 12-21-11.

Good evening, Our family of 6 is planning our next furlough to Canada from Aug-Dec of 2012. Our need to is to raise more personal support and awareness of the work in Brazil I am wondering if there is the possibility of having a vehicle provided for us. We serve in Brazil through TeachBeyond with Quest Brazil ( Is there any way you could help us?

Reply by Linda on 01-04-12.

If any of you are still looking for vehicles for missionaries on furlough, please go to missionary and check them out. They are very helpful.

Reply by Ruth on 04-01-12.

Hi I'm going to be in the Baltimore area this summer and in need of something. I'm with TB as well. Coming from the ME.

Reply by James Snyder on 04-10-12.

Anyone who may be interested in finding housing or a vehicle while home in the states, please visit the discussion "Housing during Sabbaticals and Furlough". Also check our blog @

Reply by Russell Swaim on 05-31-12.

We will be in Vancouver for our furlough/ transition back to North America from the Far East. Would there be a vehicle available around July 4, 2012? Thanks, Russ Swaim

Reply by Tom Turley on 11-26-12.

Looking to purchase a good mini-van the end of 2012 for ministry travels across Canada, and the US. Will be based out of Buffalo, NY After 25 yrs in Brazil I am going assume a new ministry out of our mission, and will do a good bit of travel.

Reply by Matt Burden on 02-19-13.

Hi I'm a missionary in Cuba and will be returning to the US to connect with churches and could really use a vehicle to travel around. Anyone know where I could find one to borrow? Thanks 614.282.6188

Reply by Kelly on 03-16-13.

Hi. We're a missionary family serving in Eastern Europe and will be in NY state for 2 months starting mid-May. Looking for borrow a car or get a good deal on a rental? Any ideas?

Reply by Sarah E on 04-14-13.

We are in Ireland and had a visa issue. We actually have to leave at the end of May so we need a vehicle for the summer while we file new paperwork. We are going to be traveling and ministering in several locations. Can anyone help with vehicle ideas?

Reply by IntoreLooge on 01-04-18.

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Reply by IntoreLooge on 01-09-18.

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