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State Side Housing

Original message posted by Monic Bell on 04-24-07.

My name is Monica Bell, a missionary on the mission field serving with my husband Rev. Anthony K. Bell, in Malawi, Africa. We have been in Malawi since December 2, 2004. We are in the process of returning back to the states the 2nd week of June and will need living accommodations for one year in Richmond, Va. We are returning to the states to raise support to return back to Malawi 2008. This is our first time preparing to be in the states longer then 45 days so if you know of any ministries that provides additional support such as (counseling, help with job search, and transportation) these are things I know we will need as soon as we return. In addition to a place to stay. Please let me know. Thank you Monica

Reply by Robyn Arheghan on 07-05-07.

Hello Monica, Unfortunately I am writing from New Jersey, but I am writing because my friend's recent call to full time misisons in Malawi has by the Holy Spirit prompted me to begin a network and support ministry for missionaries. I am writing for two reasons, one is see if I could connect you to my friend who lives in Delaware who will be going full time in Malawi Feb 2008. Also, to see if there is anything we at Abundant Life Ministries Intl (ALMs) can do to help you. Maybe we can connect you with some resources and the like and help you use the web to assist with your ministry. Please let me know if we can be of any help. Blessings and Peace, Robyn

Reply by .ken on 07-29-07.

Http:// This places leases vehicles to missionaries. This place says it has missionary homes. D&D Missionary Homes I dont know how competitive the prices are. neal pirolo has some books and info on missionary reentry and probably has some good advice.

Reply by Carol Greene on 09-08-07.

My sister and her friend, both missionaries serving in Togo, West Africa will be home on furlough this fall. They would like to do some siteseeing in New York City in October. Does any one know of any places that they could stay inexpensively.

Reply by Melinda Johnson on 09-28-07.

My husband Bo and I serve with our family in Istanbul, Turkey. We are looking for furlough housing from Nov. 2007 to Nov.2008 (or anything in between) near Nashville, TN or Kansas City, MO. If those dont work out, we are open to other options. We have 6 kids so this is not easy. We are also looking for a van that seats 8 to drive during that time. I have looked at all the furlough housing options I could find online and there seem to be so few. Are there any other networks out there to help with housing that you dont get on a Google search?

Reply by Ken Edwards on 10-04-07.

Melinda Johnson posted on 09-28-07 they are looking for furlough housing from Nov. 2007 to Nov.2008 near Nashville, TN. Our church is in Nashville and we support your ministry. Please email me and we will try.

Reply by on 10-12-07.

My daugher and I are in a living situation with an alcoholic and life is just unbearable anymore. I supported him while he was going to AA which he stuck with for about 2 months now he is using worse now. He is getting more violent and self destutive. I am wondering if any one knows of housing in Boise Idaho that is inexpensive and helps in situations like this. I do not have much money at all. I just want a safe place besides a shelter for my daughter and I so we can live healthy lives

Reply by Mike on 01-11-08.

I would like to contact with the Bells( Pastor Bell)Am staying in Malawi and I have moved from Zomba to Lilongwe because of imployement. Looking forward to meet with them and working together. Mike Butao

Reply by Monica Bell on 02-19-08.

Hello Mike, sorry for the delay in getting to you, we are state side now. We have been back in the states since July 2007 - we return back to Malawi next year. I have not checked this page since last year so again sorry for the delay. Keep intouch. Miabusa Bello!! Robyn, from Delaware, If you are checking this page, sorry for the delay, we are in the states until next year. I have heard of your ministry before who is your pastor? And has your friend left yet? (what a blessing to hear that saints really do care. We are from New Jersey we are in VA for school, My husband is at Liberty.

Reply by Christopher Teasdale on 04-03-08.

My name is Christopher Teasdale. I am a missionary, involved in sustainable development work in Africa and South America and parts of the Middle East... (this year, at least);) I would appreciate anyone giving me the opportunity to care for their home or a portion of it, intern for housing, during the period I am raising support(Mid April through August'08)...suggestions are great as well. Thanks

Reply by Christopher Teasdale on 04-08-08.

As of this month, all of my family will be scattered overseas (Africa and South America). I am single and will be alone in the U.S. after their departure. I will need to be in either North Carolina or Florida. Hopefully near Tampa or West Palm(Fla.)or Carteret County(NC) areas. The only reason for this is that my contacts and support structure for ministry are in or near these areas. I am very flexible with this though, and would not mind traveling as well. Any state really, I will leave that open to The Father's choosing for me. Thank you very much for any help with regard to this.

Reply by Monica Bell on 04-14-08.

Hello Christopher, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, when coming home for we used, missionary housing in New Jersey. We also used, in GA. I would also suggest that you contact churches in the area where you will be raising support you will find that someone in the church will let you stay with them and they will feed you too. lol Thank the Lord for those saints that can really cook a good home cook meal!! Anyway, I hope this helps. I hope if others are reading it can help them too. In Christ's service Monica Bell

Reply by Kristina on 05-15-08.

I have some friends who are overseas and coming home on furlough in June. They have asked me to do some research to help them find a vehicle while they are here in the states. Do you know of any organizations in North Texas area or Oklahoma? They will need a vehicle from June 26- December 30. Thanks for your help! Kristina

Reply by Jeff Pomerantz on 10-06-08.

Hi, I'm interested in renting a 1BR apt. to missionaries returning to the greater New York area on furlough. I recently purchased a 2 family house from someone who had been renting to missionaries for many years. I would like to keep up the tradition. If you happen to know of someone returning to the NY area, please contact me. Thank you, Jeff Pomerantz

Reply by Cindy on 11-05-08.

My husband and I work as missionaries in Brazil, South America. We had been scheduled for furlough in June 2009 in the Kansas City area. We have housing for that time already. Our plans have changed a bit and we need to go back earlier now--January 2009. We will need housing for that time period between January and June 2009. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Reply by Peter Vasquez on 03-04-09.

My wife and I are Missionaries currently Boise Idaho. We work with high-risk youth and young adults. We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Ministry. We are currently seeking housing in the Boise area. We travel the entire north west area and need a home base house in the Boise area. Does anyone have contacts in this area? Any help would be graely appreciated! God bless.

Reply by Kirby Dunn on 03-07-09.

My wife and I will be on furlough from June 2009 to June 2010. We are looking for housing in Grand Rapids, Michigan for part of that time so that my wife can be close to her aged mother. We would appreciate any information about possible housing near that area. Thank you!

Reply by Philip McCurley on 03-17-09.

We will be returning home to the US for a break for 6 - 9 months beginning in July 2009. We are looking for housing in the area of Seneca SC or Midlothian VA. We are a family of 5. If you know of furlough housing in one of these areas it would be greatly appreciated!

Reply by James McGee on 03-29-09.

My family is living overseas for two years. We have a 4-BR home and car in Colorado Springs that will be available July 2009-July 2010 or beyond; would love to have a furloughing family make use of it. If interested, please let me know.

Reply by Ed Manzano on 05-26-09.

We have a 5 bedroom house in central Iowa that is available from Aug 2009 for 6-12 months, we'd love to have a family on furlough occupy it for a very reasonable rent.

Reply by Connie Feild on 06-17-09.

Our family served in France for 3 years and after being home for about 2 years... we are returning to the field to serve in Burkina Faso, West Africa. We are raising support for the first time and are looking for church/group/family partnerships. We need prayer as well as financial support. We are looking to travel all through the summer and need temp housing for 3-7 days at a time. We are a family of 7 but are fine in 2 bedrooms. We actually be in the Dallas ft worth area meeting with churches June 29-July 5 and need a place to stay. Thanks...Connie Feild

Reply by T on 06-28-09.

James McGee and Ed Manzano. My family and I are missionaries overseas and returning to the States to work on our support. We are very interested in living in your house if it is still available. I'm not sure how else to contact you. We are in the States already--in Nebraska currently but willing to live anywhere really.

Reply by John Blackburn on 09-11-09.

Hello, James McGee, et al, Are missionaries to Italy. We need a place to stay for three months, Oct. - Dec. in the Colorado Springs area. Can you, or anyone help us out? Thanks! John

Reply by NEHEMIAH MINISTRIES on 10-21-09.

“Children are a heritage of the Lord” Ps 127 Can you imagine growing up in such poverty that you are sickly from lack of proper food, cold because you do not have adequate clothing, or your parents are forced to take you to the local orphanage because they no longer can care for you? Imagine living with alcoholic or drug addicted parents who continually beat or abuse you! Imagine being abandoned left to fend for your self (in some cases with your siblings), finding shelter in an abandoned building, under brush, in a park, begging or stealing food to survive. There are thousands of children in INDIA living under these conditions, which provide little hope for a future. But there is hope! And that hope is Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has commanded us to take care of the poor. Nehemiah Ministries a registered charity in UK and INDIA is committed to instill purpose and meaning in the lives of these destitute children. Some of these children live in one of our NEHEMIAH HOMES, They receive guidance, tender loving care, wholesome meals, clothing, warm homes and beds. They are taught proper hygiene, how to respect each other and their neighbor and most important of all they receive food for their soul, through biblical instruction and prayer. They attend school, go to church or Sunday school and grow up in a structured Christian lifestyle. It is our hope and prayer that when these children come to the age of joining the workforce or start their own families that they will be a positive influence in society and the Christian community, but above all that they will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior! Sharing with others that there is hope in Christ! “And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me”. Matt 18:5 "Only one life will soon be past; only what's done for Christ will last". PLEASE PRAY FOR THE LORD'S WORK THROUGH NEHEMIAH MINISTRIES TO KNOW MORE ABOUT NM PLEASE JOIN.............

Reply by Lisa on 11-16-09.

Hi, We are a couple with Dutch nationality coming from the island of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles. We are living, studing and ministring fulltime in south texas near the border with Mexico. (we do speal spanish too) For visa reasons we would need to return home and come back after the right paperwork is filed. We are not allowed to raise support in USA and we don't have enough support. Does anyone know if their are organisations that help missionaries/students out financially to go home and come back? It will be a large amound of money since we have a child too. (1900 dollars i think) But we may be helped with a part if more than one organisation help us. Can someone tell me on wich door to knock? We continue to trust in God. Thank you

Reply by Scott on 11-17-09.

To James McGee. We are looking for missionary house for two weeks in Dec. Please let us know if it is still open. We are missionaries to Japan.

Reply by Gerta on 12-07-09.

Hello! We are family with 4 members from Europe and currently studying in Bible School (to prepare for mission work). We are looking for housing in Tulsa,OK for reasonable rent while we are not authorized to work in the USA. Thank you!

Reply by Pastor Benard O. Msandu on 12-30-09.

To Christopher Teasdale. We are a ministry reaching out to people living with hiv/aids and orphans in Nakuru, Kenya. I welcome you to visit with us. MY BROTHER KEEPER MINISTRIES.

Reply by Jim And Terri Cannon on 01-09-10.

We have a large lovely 3 bedroom 2 bath fully furnished home for rent in northwest Washington. We are missionaries ourselves, and rent only to missionaries. It has a large fenced yard, and has been totally remodeled. The yard has swings and climbing toys. Email us for more information, it is available from September 1, 2010 on.

Reply by Lonnie Blount on 01-12-10.

We were missionaries to Ethiopia from 1998-2004. However we had to come home due to health reasons. From 2004-2008 I served as the Assoc. Pastor of our home church. With a clean bill of health, last year we started deputation to return to Ethiopia. We're in need of housing from Feb/March, 2010 until Spring of 2011 when we leave for Ethiopia. There are 6 of us, including myself, my wife and our 4 children (2 boys & 2 girls ranging in age from 5-16). We appreciate your consideration. You can learn more about us and our ministry at Thank you.

Reply by Dave McLaughlin on 01-23-10.

To James McGee, we plan to be on our furlough in Colorado from March 2010 - July 2010. If your home is available during that time, please contact us. Thanks, Dave

Reply by Deb Hindal on 01-25-10.

My husband is Director of the International Ministries of the GARBC. We live in Florida but will be in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area during June through Sept. to raise funds and present our ministry in churches. We are in need of housing during those months and wondered if you know of anything available. Thank you.

Reply by Carol Jean Gallagher on 01-25-10.

I am looking for furlough housing for our family for July 19 through mid/late December 2010 in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

Reply by Nghia Xuan Pham on 02-01-10.

I am a medical missionary serving in Mongolia with The Christian & Missionary Alliance. We are due to go on fourlough this June 2010, and on our way back to California we would like to stay in Honolulu for 10 days from around June 20-June30. We are looking for an inexpensive guest house to stay. Could you help us to find a place. Thank you for your help.

Reply by Chuck Heidenreich on 03-01-10.

We are planning to return to the USA for one year (June 2010 - May 2012)after 8 years of serving as a church planting missionary family in Ghana. Our sending church is in Baltimore, Maryland. If you know or have any available housing for us (2 adults & 2 children)for any portion of that time it would be a blessing. You can see about us at our website: God Bless, Pastor Chuck Heidenreich

Reply by Jared Park on 04-21-10.

I am recently returned from Chile where I have been for 3 years. I am in process of switching mission's and also just got engaged. I have the immediate need of a car (my car just died on mi on the way to speak and translate at church last Sunday) I will also need a place for me and my new bride to live until we leave again 2012. Thank you for reading this, and please pray for Chile, and our time in the states as we start our new family, also pray for God to provide for us while we are home raising support.

Reply by Heather Smith on 05-13-10.

My parents are missionaries from Paraguay, South America. They are coming home to Grand Rapids and need a place to stay for 3 if possible. They will only being staying for 4 weeks. The middle of June through out the middle of July. Could someone please help out. If anyone has contacts than let me know at: Thank you and please pray for us!

Reply by Paula Moffitt on 05-24-10.

My dtr is a missionary in Azebaijan & is coming to visit me in Kansas City in July for just 1 month. However we will be going to Omaha NE too so will only need a place to stay for about 1 1/2- 2 wks, starting July 4th or 5th. An apt, basement apt,or part of a house would be so appreciated. She is bringing my adorable 18 mos old grandtr to see me as well. Her husband will be back in Azerbaijan while she stays on to visit. My # is 402-980-6987 & email is We know God is going to provide. Bless you....Paula

Reply by Bro.Edgardo E.Grande Sr. on 07-05-10.

Dear Beloved in Christ, Greetings! to you and the saints of God over there, from Mindanao island, Philippines in the mighty name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ ! I'm Bro.Edgardo E. Grande Sr. , 54 years old, married with four children. I was converted to the Lord in 1989 and became a Minister, Discipler and Church Planter in central Mindanao region, southern part of our country. Now at present, I'm pastoring a small church with 21 families members located in the village of Tuganay, Carmen, Davao del Norte province. I ventured to send you this letter perhaps your church could help us build our faith in God to a real and genuine Biblical truth, by sharing to us your Church Doctrine and Practice and your update messages and publications. Please pray for us, especially the needs of this Gospel works because preaching the Word of God here is not an easy task. We hike far distance under the heat of the sun and cross rivers to do short cut in order to preach the Good News unto the people who do not know the Real Great Truths about Jesus Christ saving faith. We suffered persecutions, trials and even empty stomachs, but we are not discouraged because we have deep compassion for the lost and dying souls. We are more than happy if you will do something for us, for the sake of Christ and for the Gospel to be widely spread here in the Philippines at large. In this connection, we need your prayers for our Discipleship Training, a 9 months class program with 33 enrolled students. Our students don't have Bibles for thier deeper study and personal use. Our earnest prayers to God that He will not reject nor neglect our sincerest and humblest request to your Church, cause we are Truth Seekers! Your loving and caring reply will give us more strength in this mission field. GOD BLESS you more. Yours for the Kingdom, Bro. Edgardo E. Grande Sr. Prk Cabilto, Visayan Village 8100 Tagum City, Davao del Norte Mindanao, Philippines

Reply by Mike on 06-30-10.

To Jim And Terri Cannon, My family and I will need to find housing in the Seattle area due to a medical emergency. Do you have any available dates beginning around the middle of August? Thanks, mike lee

Reply by Coraleen Braxton on 10-15-10.

My name is Coraleen Braxton. I am getting ready to return to the mission field and will be gone until Jan. 2011. I will need housing in the Northern Virgina area (Fairfax, Centreville)when I return. Can you help me?

Reply by Jay Brandon on 12-09-10.

I am a Missionary to Jewish people in NYC, I have been raising support to move there permanently. I will be working with a Missionary Pastor in a major Jewish Community in Brooklyn, NY. The Pastor has a medical emergency and needs me to come and be his pulpit supply for 2 months. I am looking for temporary housing in NJ, or Nyc area. can anyone help we dont have alot of funds available.

Reply by Sharyn Branson on 01-05-11.

Hi We have been on the mission field in the Dominican Republic and Haiti for 14 yrs and never had a family vacation. We are looking at taking one in the Titisville/Orlando FL area in June 2011. Does anyone know of any missionary housing and/or vehicle borrowing in this area? Thanks and God Bless. Sharyn

Reply by J. Campos on 02-22-11.

We are a family of six, missionaries in Brazil, going home (US) on furlough and need a place to stay in Michigan from March 17th to June 20th.

Reply by Jonathan Stuck on 04-08-11.

My wife and I are missionaries in Thailand and are back raising our long term support, and are looking for housing in Kansas City, MO. We have two little girls, and are looking for a place for a month or two before we go back. If anyone knows of something, please let us know. Thanks.

Reply by Joy Ranch on 04-13-11.

We need missions minded people called to serve the youth of Southwest Virginia. $18,000 per year per person plus housing and benefits. Live-in positions for mature Christian couples and/or individuals who are at least 21 years of age who are responsible for overseeing the children's physical care, development of acceptable habits and attitudes, teaching children to manage their behaviors, assisting the children to meet the goals and objectives of their required individual success plan.Ensures the safety, training, record-keeping, transportation, on-going supervision, discipline and well-being of the children.Serving children ages 5-17.Relates to the children and fellow staff members from a Biblical perspective.Qualified applicants shall: 1) Have a bachelor's degree in Human Services; OR 2) Have an associate's degree and three months' professional experience working with children; OR 3) Having a high school diploma or a GED Certificate and six months' professional experience working with children. 4) Have good planning, scheduling, decision-making skills. 5) Be able to lead devotions and provide spiritual leadership. 6) Submit to background investigations and drug screening and provide acceptable employment and character references. 7) Have a driver's license and good driving record. Website:

Reply by Richard Edwards on 08-24-11.

My wife and I are returning to Costa Rica as missionaries after being in the states for 17 years. We are joining Global Oureach Mission and need to raise support. We need a house to live in preferably in Atlanta area starting sometime in January 2012. It could take a year to raise support or even longer. Please contact me if you know of anything. Thank you, Richard Edwards

Reply by Jaime on 10-06-11.

Hello. I live in Beijing, China as a missionary and am interested in housing in the states while I and my family are on furlough. Do you happen to know anywhere in the San Francisco area or San Diego that provides housing?

Reply by Michael on 11-10-11.

Missionary family of 5 working in Europe is looking for housing in the Grand Rapids/West Michigan area for the summer of 2012. Any ideas?

Reply by Joel Colon on 11-21-11.

My wife and I are missionaries in Ukraine, currently stateside raising additional support before going back to Ukraine. We are about to relocate to somewhere in north Dallas TX. Does anyone know of housing or jobs that are available in that area for missionaries on furlough?

Reply by Ryan Seal on 02-01-12.

I am coming back to the US after my first term in Africa to get married and raise the additional support we will need as a couple. My wife and I will need housing for up to a year in the Colorado Springs area while we are on deputation. If anyone can help us, we would appreciate hearing from you.

Reply by Kelly Pratt on 02-06-12.

My husband Colonel Pratt and I just returned from 2 years of mission work in China on Dec. 30, 2011. We got rid of everything to go into the mission field. Now we have returned home and have no place of our own. Currently we are living in a 2 bedroom apartment with my mom, my husband, myself, and our 2 kids who are 6 and 8 years old. We live in Virginia and are wondering if there's any missionary housing available to assist us until we can move on to our next mission field or get on our feet again?

Reply by Bisset on 06-16-12.

We are returning to NC in March of 2013 for 6 to 8 months of furlo - before returning to Africa where we are missionaries. we are needing to find a reasonable place to live near Raleigh or Wilmington if possible and are in need of a car for our time stateside also. the car will need to be able to roam as our deputation takes us all the way across the USA. thanks and blessings to all

Reply by Jennifer on 07-03-12.

We are missionaries to Colombia, South America, looking for missionary housing for our furlough from May 2014-June 2015 in the East Tennessee area. (Knoxville, etc.) Please let us know if you are aware of any available places or if you can give us contact information of missionary houses in this area. Thankyou!

Reply by JC Parodi on 08-23-12.

Our daughter who is a missionary kid is returning for her second year ministry training in Redding, CA. She is still looking for a permanent place to live for the coming nine months there. In the meantime, she needs to find a job to pay for her expenses. If you are from that area or if you know of a Christian family who could help her we would love to hear from you. Thanks

Reply by Jennifer In PA on 11-19-12.

We are in Jim Thorpe, Pa and have a furnished house available at a reasonable rate here in this small town. We would love to have some missionaries in it for the first half of 2013 if anyone knows anyone looking for a place in Pennsylvania. The house sleeps 6 comfortably and there is also a pull out couch on the 1st floor. Kitchen is fully furnished. We would be looking for $800/month plus utilities for the time that someone is there and would be willing to do month to month stays. You can see pictures at Jennifer Dages

Reply by Claudia M. on
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Hello everyone I don't know if this is worth a try but I am looking for Christian housing in Colorado Springs. As of now I am currently living in Texas and am hoping to attend the Colorado Christian University before I do missions. If you have any information please email me at . Thank you very much may God's blessing be upon you.

Reply by Claudia M. on
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Hello everyone I don't know if this is worth a try but I am looking for Christian housing in Colorado Springs. As of now I am currently living in Texas and am hoping to attend the Colorado Christian University before I do missions. If you have any information please email me at . Thank you very much may God's blessing be upon you.

Reply by Sylvia Simons on
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Hello, We have been working in Southern Mexico as church planters for almost nine years. We are planning a five month furlough stateside from September to January in Southern California. We are hoping to find housestting or missionary housing during this time. If you have any contacts, we will much appreciated.

Reply by Philipbef on 04-10-17.

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