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Original message posted by Susan on 05-02-07.

Two of us are planning a short term mission for several months and must maintain residence in the US. We will be leaving our jobs in the US and will not have income for the time we are gone. What is the best way to finance this? We are traveling with a mission organization which we have done fundraisers for, but now must raise money for personal expenses for airfare and continuing expenses in the US (mortgage, utilities, etc).

Reply by Robert on 05-02-07.


Reply by Song Andy on 05-30-07.

Hi, Just remember, prayer. i have been in the for six years now but know anything better to do than prayer. Please pray. God will surely make a way for you. SONG

Reply by Robyn Arheghan on 07-05-07.

Susan, I, too, was in a similar situation. And am answering a call to create a support network to missionaries, as the Body has neglected us for soo long. I don't know if your rent or own your home or if you car payments or other installmet loans but here are some possible suggestions. Rent your furnished home out to someone you trust and have a close friend or trusted family member manage the rental for you (use legal contracts for everything.) Maybe you can arrange to "rent" your car in a similar manner or try to sell it/them and pay off some other debt or use it as a cushion for when you return. It is VERY IMPORTANT to have at least a small cushion of money for when you return. If you have credit cards, you can sign up for that pesky crc insurance which provides insurance to people once they become unemployed. But BE CAREFUL to find out all the terms of this (I ended up with a mess because the person who managed my affairs in my absence turned out to be very irresponsible). If you have student loans, you can apply for a deferrement for up to one year. These are just some of your options. If you like, please email me and I will see what other information or resources (such as health insurance for missionaries) I can connect you with. I hope this was helpful. God will give you strength and wisdom and protection as you walk out His purpose for your life. Please email me. Peace and blessings to you, Robyn

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