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How long did it take to get your passport?

Original message posted by Josh Jones on 05-11-04.

I have people ask me all of the time how long it takes to get a passport. Since we all know that what the State Department tells us is basically a time-window as opposed to a realistic estimate, I thought we might do a little survey to see how long it really is taking to get passports through. If you recently applied for a passport, please respond with the time it took and the city you sent it to.

Reply by Brandon Patrick on 06-11-04.

My father papplied for his passport at the Tuscaloosa courthouse on April 28th and received his passport the first week of June.

Reply by Andrea on 09-11-04.

I applied for my passport originally April 1st of 1999 and had it five weeks later (Washington D.C.). Since then I've added additional pages and that only took two weeks.

Reply by Bonnie on 01-12-05.

My daughter and I applied for our passports on the last week in November, and we received them Dec. 20th (Tuscaloosa, AL).

Reply by Jesse O'Reilly on 05-20-05.

As with anything else, it's best to apply early. Things have a way of taking longer when you're in a hurry (like my wife's PR application!) I applied for my passport through New Orleans, and it took about a month.

Reply by Simon Nag on 03-29-12.

Dear bro greetings i am applying for passport please help me simon nag

Reply by Simon Nag on 03-29-12.

Dear bro greetings i am applying for passport please help me simon nag

Reply by Joan Agabi on 02-19-18.

Check it out here -

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