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Mexico Skits

Original message posted by Elizabeth Benavides on 05-29-07.

Hi am looking to see if someone could share with me a mime skit in spanish. My church is visiting an orphanage in mexico and we want to present a mime that expresses God's love you all humanity no matter of their social status. I would greatly appreciate the help and thank you God bless.

Reply by Bruce Thomson on 07-14-07.

Hi We've got several sound tracks that we made and have used all over Latin America. We are presently gathering them and transferring them to CD. This may take a little time since we a presently involved in a performing arts camp. How soon do you need them?

Reply by Tom on 07-20-07.

Our church (Chinese) is going to Tijuana to serve the kids and the elderly on 8/3/07. We are looking for skids,too. A sound track would be better since we can't speak Spanish. Please let me know if you can send me a script and the sound track. Thanks and God bless, Tom

Reply by .ken on 07-29-07.

The ministries below are involved in mime. Christian Mime Artist and Instructor Mime for Jesus Ministry New York, USA Tel. +1 (631) 956-0213 E-mail ..

Reply by Laura Hoover on 03-02-09.

I know this is 2 years ex post facto, but these links have been very resourceful. It is difficult to find mime plays for mission trips faced with language barriers. I am a drama leader on a student driven team going to mexico over spring break and I can tell you the children there will adore the skits I have found through these sites! Also we found last year that adding music realy impacted the skit because it drew their attention despite our performing outside in a park.

Reply by Tracy Rice on 03-18-09.

Could I pls have the links that laura hoover is talking about because we to are going to Tijuana in June to a oraphange. I have been seachering for sometime for mimes and skits. please any help will be appreciated.

Reply by Liz on 07-28-09.

God Bless. We are having a special service at our church and would like to do a play or skit in Spanish for the Spanish speaking people. Please help! Do you know any sites I could get ideas?

Reply by Greg on 04-04-10.

Could someone give us the links that Laura Hoover was referring to in her post??? It is not clear if she was referring to the prior post of "Tom on 07/20/07" or if she was referring to other links that she has found. We need the "best" Resource out there for mimes for missions for missions teams that minister in Mexico!! Thanks!!

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