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Original message posted by Shawn on 06-25-07.

Hello, God has called us (my wife, daughter and I) to the mission field. Specifically to work on translating the bible into sign language. Sign language is not universal and there are over 200 in the world. We are moving from California to Europe to begin the project. We have raised 85% of our monthly support and have run out of contacts. Cold calling churches to even share our ministry has not proven to be very fruitful. The majority of our support has been through personal contacts and small groups in our church, although two other churches are supporting us and two others have said yes but have yet commit to an amount. I am looking for suggestions, ideas and resources that we may be able to follow in raising the last 15%. I have know doubt that God will provide.

Reply by Robyn Arheghan on 07-05-07.

Have you considered building a website? Also, try looking up Missions Network News online. There are many missionary organizations there and maybe you can connect with one for sponsorship. I know there are several listed there whose primary focus is Bible Translation. I am currently answering the call to build a support network for missionaries and welcome you and your family to email me if your interested in being a part of our network. (We're just starting, but whatever God gives me the power to do, I will do.) Blessings & Peace to you and your family! Robyn

Reply by Shua on 07-28-07.

You might check out Wycliffe. I'm not sure if they do sign language normally, but they might be worth talking to.

Reply by >ken on 07-29-07.

I would contact wycliffe and other organizations which have missionaries to the deaf. You might want to be a part of another organization or it might help you get more support. Below are two of them. Also you need to make sure you don't do something that has already been done. Here are some web sites I found that you might be interested in. Jaars has new technology that has speeded up bible translation. Please see below. 3. TECHNOLOGY AND BIBLE TRANSLATION

Reply by Rick on 08-11-08.

It could well be you just need to go for it. Often a missions budget is somewhat of a false or fabricated goal anyway. The first time my family moved out we only had 75% raised but we went, began serving, survived just fine and over the next few months more people got behind us as they saw that we were really "doing it". You could also check out this website: They put out a monthly newsletter on support raising and a few months ago their topic was just that - raising the last percentage needed. Hope that helps

Reply by Regina Beuret on 01-06-09.

Date: December 6, 2009 To The Pastor Most Respected Sir, Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I am very happy to introduce my self to you. I am A.S.Backianathan from Chennai the southern part of India. I am one of the Dalit Christians. Dalits are the poorest and lowest people in the society. Dalit is a lowest Caste in the Indian Caste System. They do all kinds of menial jobs in the society. People don’t regard them as human beings. They are not permitted to wear chapels as well as shirts. I was also one of them. But God has chosen me to do His ministry. When I had severe stomach ache for many years, my father took me to many Doctors. But none of the Doctors cured me. At last my father took me our small village church. There the Pastor preached about Ps 50.15” Call unto me in your Dangers I will deliver you”. I trusted this verse as God’s words. I told “If you Lord heal me, I will serve you with all of my life”. The Lord healed me. Then I got more faith on Jesus. But my family got angry and chased me out of my house. But my church pastor baptized me and sent me to do God’s ministry in ECC teams. In one of the ECC team Retreats, a man of God named Prabhu Joshua preached on Isaiah’s Call (Isa.6.8, 9). He gave an alter call for North India ministry and said that God is calling you for the North India ministry. I said, “here I am Lord, Send me” I lifted my hands and went forward to the Alter and said “I will go to North India for the Lord” . On that day 36 people gave their life for the North India ministry. But In Interview, 35 persons refused to go to West Bengal because the West Bengal is ruled by Communist Party. But in Interview I said. “Yes. I will go for the Lord”. I came alone to West Bengal without knowing the languages, people and places in May 10, 1984 and slept in the Railway platforms. I worked in different places for my survival. I faced number of problems. I started my ministries in the slums and in the Islands, the most neglected areas in Christian ministry in Kolkata. I took tuitions for the poor children free of cost. On the other side I was doing my Theological education. Now I have 20 free tuition Centers. I am working among the Refugees from Tamilnadu, Bangala Desh, Utterapredesh, Orissa, and Bihar. They all are very poor people living beside the Train Tracks. We are working among the Adivasis, sikhis and street children also. They all work as Toilet cleaners, Drainage cleaners, sweepers etc. The women are working as maid servants or cook in the rich people houses. Children are working as Child laborers and as rage pickers. God has given me a great burden to serve among these people. Young people in kolkata are very much without Christ. Some are street boys addicted to drugs and alcohol .Often Young people commit suicide due to several problems like unemployment, drugs, Failures etc. Many young people are coming to our fellowship also. We are conducting youth meetings for them. There we share gospel and teach songs and also we encourage them and pray for them. Also I am going to the most risky islands where the gospel is not preached. There are mission agencies in Kolkata but all are working in the developed Islands. None of them are interested about the risky Islands (difficult to enter the Island-very much inside the sea water).Regarding Sundarban Islands, the people are very poor. There were around 120 Islands beside the sea of Bay of Bengal. Around 50 Islands sank in the sea waters and erased by the sea waves. Now there are around sixty Islands. We find people are living in 30 Islands and the other 30 islands are full of jungles. India’s the thickest forest is these Sundarban Islands. Around 30 Islands are without Christ. Their children are unable to go to schools because they are very poor and also they need to go for long way to schools. In each Islands number of villages are there. They have no electricity, no clean water and no medical facilities. I have great burden and love for these Islands, especially on the poor people and their children. We are serving in a place called Widava Para( Widows place).here many became widows because their husbands were eaten by the Royal Bengal Tigers. Some are eaten by the Crocodiles while fishing. It is my desire to set an orphanage and take care of their children. I want to reach every single Island for Christ. I have completed my Bachelor of Theology ( four Years), Bachelor of Divinity( Two Years)and Master of Theology ( New Testament) in well reputed colleges under the Senate of Serampore University, Now, We are working among un reached Islands and Slums in West Bengal . I want to share with you all what God has done in my life. The Lord has trained me more than twenty Years in the cross cultural mission fields as Missionary. Our objectives: 1. To teach the poor children free of cost both in Slums and Islands. Every single child should know to read and write their language. We do this through our Free Tuition Centers free of cost. 2. Every single poor woman should know to read their own language. We want to do this through Adult Literacy programs free of cost. 3. Every poor woman should do standard jobs instead of menial jobs like Toilet cleaning, sweeping, vessel washing etc. We want to do this by teaching sewing classes, beautician courses, drawing classes, handy craft works, toys making etc free of cost. 4. We are concerned of the spiritual life of every poor men and women. We do this inviting them for prayers meetings and fellowships etc. 5. We are concerned of physical health of every single slum poor child in the society. We want to do this through Day care centers and medical Camps etc My wife and I dedicated our lives to serve among these poor people. We are in need of your help in any measure up to your church: little or more. Often we struggle to pay the school fee of my daughter, House Rent, Electricity Bill, Telephone bill, Food and Travel to go to different places. etc. In what way you can help our ministries. Please write in few words and encourage our ministries. Can you help us Sir? If you wish to help, you are most welcome to see our ministries. We have the photographs of our ministries also. I can forward it to you. We need your prayers and financial Supports for our family. Therefore I humbly request you to send a positive response as early as possible. Thanking you, Yours Sincerely in Christ, A.S.Backianathan Missionary, 6/1/1, Hari Mohan Dutta Road , DumDumCant, Kolkata -700 028, West Bengal , India Phone: 03325902929,09830492267 E- Mail :

Reply by Pastor Naveed Akhtar on 03-18-09.

My dear Brother and Sister in Christ, Greetings to you in the name of the Almighty God! It is a great joy and privilege for me to write to you as a servant of God. Share Gospel Ministries Pakistan is a fellowship of warm, friendly people who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and who are committed to .The Bible as God's infallible Word, to Jesus Christ as our Divine Lord And Savior, to the Church as the body of Christ, to the indwelling of The Holy Spirit and His fullness for Christian life and service, and to Spiritual maturity as the goal of our church fellowship. We hope that as we introduce ourselves you will feel the warmth of our desire for Friendship with you, the joy of knowing and serving Christ together. Lord is blessings our Evangelism ministry day by day and we are winning many souls for Lord Jesus Christ in Outreach areas. Evangelism Ministry visit in remote areas. Share Gospel Ministries Pakistan working for the poor and orphan children. Share Gospel Ministries Pakistan organizing Vaccine camps on a regular. Basis in rural areas of Faisalabad Pakistan where children (Age 4 to15 years) are given Hepatitis-B vaccine free of cost. Over 1000 Children were vaccinated by the Share Gospel Ministries Pakistan in Different areas of Faisalabad, Pakistan. We are organizing Hepatitis-B Vaccine Camps on regular basis in slum areas of Faisalabad in order to provide health care at the doorsteps of the poor Children. Share Gospel Ministries Pakistan is a first ministry who is giving Hepatitis-B Vaccine free of cost to the children. Our future goal is to vaccinate all the children of slum areas of Pakistan especially to Poor Christian Children free of cost ..We have done much medical camp in different areas free of cost. We invite you to come to mission trip of Pakistan. We need partners to support for the expansion of work. We need financial support to continue our work in the slum areas and remote areas of Pakistan. Please take a tour on our website . I hope this will be Help you to know the work of Share Gospel Ministries Pakistan. Your cooperation will promote the Jesus work in Pakistan. God may richly bless you Yours in Christ, Pastor Naveed Akhtar Chairman & Founder Share Gospel Ministries Pakistan Mailing Address: Sindhu House Street # 5, Daud Nagar Near Warispura Faisalabad, Pakistan. Contact #: 0092-321-6659539 Website Address: Email Address:

Reply by Evanglist Asif Mubark on 04-13-09.

Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord. We all okay by the grace of God we hope you also will be okay by the Grace of God. Dear we want to invite you & your Team in Christ in Gojra/Pakistan for the Jesus Glory. We want to arrange a big gathering one 1000 To people 5 days Healing Crusade & 3 days Pastors Leadership Conference So in this way we give you invitation for the Crusade & Pastors leadership Conference in Gojra/Pakistan. Please give us time for the Jesus glory in Gojra/Pakistan in 2009 We hope and Trust on God that you must give us Time in 2009. We are continuing praying & Fasting for your coming in here in Gojra. We also want to affiliation & work with you in future in Gojra/Pakistan. We want your positive & quick reply as soon as possible for the Jesus Christ. God is good all the Time. God bless you and your Family + Church Your Brother Evanglist Asif Mubrak Catch The holy Fire Ministery Pakistan & Catch The Holy Fire Ministery Pakistan-Hour Healing Prayer Center Christan Colony Gojra Punjab Pakistan Telephone0092_301_7234129 email Email website Your Brother Evanglist Asif Mubark

Reply by Evangelist Mrs.Farzana Jaevid on 03-15-10.

Hello! Dear Brother/Sister in Christ! Greetings from Evangelist Mrs.Farzana Jaevid! Thank you so much for all of your continually prayers for our ministry and May God continues to bless you for your generosity! Greetings from Precious Name of Jesus Christ! These Children have been orphaned due to different circumstances like being abandoned as babies and others are victims of many diseases. We are committed to working in a way which will impact the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the people we serve. All children long to feel the love of Jesus expressed to them through personal relationships with mature and caring adults. I know that God use you for His glory in worldwide? We will continually pray for you and your great thinking planned for doing God's work this year 2010. Do you know this is our responsibilities and duties as a servant of Christ and all saints hear the voice of God and very active preparing every last sheep and hungry souls for Jesus Christ and every servant of God love for the poor children and widows and after seeing eyes filled with tears of poor, sick, hopelessness children and widows. I and my prayer team continually pray for you and your ministry etc. Dear Brother/Sister in Christ! Sorry to say I have sent to you many emails, but I didn't get any reply from you? Where are you going? What are you doing? Are you angry with me? I don't know God knows better in this matter? How are you & your wonderful Children, Parents? We don't forget to you and your family member. We continually pray for you & wonderful ministry,co-workers, best friends, relatives. Do you know he is our duty & responsibilities praying for other from around the world? We are sharing with you ministry needs and in future commitments, agreements with us. We have running this ministry and have come to a stage of establishing the ministry to the glory of God and I have decided running this ministry under your organization and your Constitution, Rules and Regulation and So that we both can work for his glory as our Lord and Savior. We need your support with agreement of being your branch here in Pakistan. We need our church to bear your name as your branch here in Pakistan as we shall abide on your Constitution, Rules and Regulation. Please consider my request and you don't disappoint to me in this matter. Dear Brother/Sister in Christ! We are sharing with you ministry report year 2009 I have visited several villages & towns for teaching & preaching saved many hungry, thirsty, souls, last sheep for Jesus Christ. During visited time I have collected views of many poor families. At currently as he sees that humanity is in urgent need of liberation. The liberation and redemption needs to come to the Christian community, realities, unity, relationship with each others and levels of society in the Pakistan. One of the needs of liberation is the liberation from poverty bringing hope to the hapless and empowerment of voiceless. We would like to share the reality of poverty and its consequences as we encounter them in our ministry. The beginning 12 months of 2009. We have saved many souls for Jesus Christ. I hope in Christ you will happy to hear that 105 people have got water baptized and 116 people repent own sins and accepted Jesus Christ personal savior & the Lord and 87 people got the Holy Spirit on the other tongues and 68 people freedom or salvation from evil spirit. We are very happy because God increased our prayer & preaching ministry increasing gathering day by day and give us more opportunity for this great purpose. Dear Brother/Sister in Christ! We appreciate your prayers for poorest Christian communities. Do you Pakistani Christian communities is facing many problems affected, violence, and victims, persecuted by Muslims in Pakistan. I know that you are also reading sorrowful reports of persecution in Pakistan, India & Parts of Nigeria are also having difficulty because of extreme Islam. These are surely the last days. I know that there in your country many are falling away because of false doctrine and love of the world, however, God will always have His people. I know that you and your staff, Pastors, co-workers, best friends, all relatives pray & planed financial help for the Pakistani Christian community is facing many problems affected, violence, and victims, persecuted church by Muslims on a regular basis. We want to inform you that In this situation many unpleasant occur like blasphemy low adultery-education, brick making kiln slavery and persecution is the normal phenomena of the society. Truly here in Pakistan human 'rights' don't work liberation, salvation, saving to the violence, terrorists attack and destruction, evil desire for women and children and the elderly and especially young Christian Women, Girls are facing persecution & violence's victimized of Muslims to have sex with them which is called to be rapped. Dear Brother/Sister in Christ! Sometime as they do Christian Women & Girls cleaning in house of rich Muslims families, some time Muslims men to have sex with them which is called to be rapped. We have some cause in which they Muslim boy threw acid on Christian girls and even they register cases against these girls and put them in jail to avoid the consequences of their evil acts. I know that God use you for His glory in many parts of the World for saving hungry, thirsty souls, last sheep's and God give you more lot of money for your wonderful ministry & give you opportunity for His previous purpose in the end-time in earth. We continually pray to God increased your (Ministry) increasing successful day by day and give you more opportunity for this great purpose. Dear Brother/Sister in Christ! I know that you are very interested with The PSSWS Ministry. We will share with you now a day our ministry facing lot of problems like financial crisis. We will share with you now a day our ministry facing lot of problems like financial crisis and looking monthly salary of 5 primary school teachers, medical staff, preachers staff, office utility bills and other ministry needs etc. Because this year 2010 don't provide two months salary of the all ministry staffs. We have urgent needs & we are looking ($1500.00 US Dollars) help for monthly bases? Do you possible to commitments or agreements with us financial support very small scale send us for this great purpose like ($25,50,100,250,500,1000,1500) only for monthly bases. We know that God knowing our patient, diligent, honestly, sincerity, loyalty, hard working for God's purpose and God give us freedom, great vision, prosperity, restoration and much money for fulfilled our every needs. We are patience with you and waiting your kind help for our ministry. Dear Brother/Sister in Christ! I want to thank all of you again from the depths of my heart your faithful support in prayer, which I could feel every moment of the God's work we are doing here in Pakistan which very pitiable circumstances. I'm also very humbled that you have trusted me with you finances, Your generosity overwhelmed me. I truly appropriate you being in my life. Through your great love-offering, prayers & finances, you were with me on this mission. God was faithful to supply our all ministry needs through you & your co-workers & other servants from worldwide. God's word declares that you will share in the rewards. The PSSWS have aim is working as a winning, saved of the poor, orphans Children for Jesus. These Children have been orphaned due to different circumstances like being abandoned as babies and others are victims of many diseases. We are committed to working in a way which will impact the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the people we serve. We are patience with you and waiting your kind help for our ministry. We are patience with you and waiting your kind help for our ministry. We know that God knowing our patient, diligent, honestly,sincerity, loyalty, hard working for God's purpose and God give us freedom, great vision, prosperity, restoration and much money for fulfilled our every needs. Please keep in touch with us. I'm waiting for your reply. You can do transfer to our electronic funding account or (Western Union or Money Gram) please see information given below:- 1. Accountholder: The Preaching Society & Social Welfare Services 2. Account: National Bank of Pakistan Jhumra City Branch Pakistan 3. Account Number: 1126-8 4. International Swift Code: NBPAPKKAX02F Dear Brother/Sister in Christ! We are sharing with you urgent prayer request for Christian women & Nation of Pakistan is facing very difficult time. We know that at the moment Pakistani Nation is facing many Suicide Bombing, Terrorists Attack and financial crisis problems and challenge. Now days in Pakistan Al-Quida & Taliban are much busy suicide bombing attacks and fights between Al-Quida & Taliban & Pakistan Security forces, Army etc. Do you at currently Taliban & Al-Qaeda is much active and preparing suicide bombing attack in many parts of the Pakistan. In Pakistan (14000) denomination and (200000) Taliban students learning under studying in terrorists, suicide bombing attack training in the area of The South Waziristan and near border area of the Afghanistan-Pakistan. I want to inform you that Pakistan is very hard and strict Islamic country and many Terrorists, Taliban & Al-Qaeda person stay in Pakistan. He is very danger for Christian. At currently Pakistani Mosque is much busy preparing Terrorists, Taliban & Al-Qaeda members and sending to Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries from Pakistan. In Pakistan Al-Qaeda and Taliban is much active and preparing suicide bombing attack in many parts of the Pakistan. I hope in Jesus Christ is finished terrorist training camps, Taliban & Al-Qaeda activities, this year 2010. Dear Brother/Sister in Christ! We give thanks to God for all He is doing. The PSSWS ministry & Church are going well. We still busy every week. The PSSWS ministry & Church are also doing well and we see them growing spiritually. The men and woman have taken on responsibilities in the PSSWS ministry & Church. They are doing most of the preaching and teaching themselves and encouraging one another with visits and prayers, one for another. The men & women who preach and teach still need help and instruction, but we thank the Lord for their dedication and willingness to learn. We are expecting great things this year in the work here in Pakistan. We are trusting in the Lord to supply our needs and thank you for your faithful financial and prayer support that the work of God might prosper. We believe that God will direct us rightly to do what He wants to glorify Jesus name. I hope that you would make your efforts to help our small ministry as much you can through any other body or organizations. We do hope that God will open the door for us to have assistance to do it more accurately. We always lift up in our daily prayer and also know that you are in our heart, mind, and thoughts and in Christ. May God be with you and use you more in the vineyard for Christ to save soul. May God strengthen and encourage you all and keep on serving him in others. With love and much your regulars help our ministry and your commitment with me? Thank you and God bless you! Yours Sister in Christ! Evangelist Mrs.Farzana Jaevid Executive Director Women Ministry Department The Preaching Society & social Welfare Services Mohallah Rasool Pura Street No 7 Jhumra City 37700 Faisalabad, PAKISTAN Telephone:+92-41-8527541 Fax:+92-41-8527541 Mobilephone:+92-3067905188

Reply by Pastor Ravi Daniel on 04-14-10.

" Freely you have received, freely give " (Matthew 10:8) "And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding." ( Jeremiah 3:15 KJV) Dear Friends in Christ God bless you ,Our Ministries Name "Peace and Unity in Christ Ministries" And we are working in Pakistan with many homes Churches in Villages and other outhreach areas of Pakistan.We are Preaching The Gospel in Unreached&Rural areas of Pakistan, We are preaching The word of God among The Muslims also. Praise The Lord Jesus Christ many Muslims are Converted, Altough We have not Relegion Freedom in Pakistan,You Know Pakistan is Muslim Country,2%Christians are living in Pakistan,Christians are suffring . But our Lord Jesus Christ always Helps us, The Harvest is plentiful,But the worker are few, Luke 10-2 And in Our team we have many Pastors Evangelists, couier, Bibles Preacher team. We want you come in Pakistan and Minister them and We Invite to you of Crusade , seminars and meetings. Dear in Christ we are a team working in Pakistan.And in Pakistan we need your working, missions in Pakistan.We want reached all Pakistan with message of God and also we want your seminars ,meetings and Crusade through this work we reached thousands of Christ People Souls.And our team also arrange many Revival Crusade and many Muslims comes in these crusade and they take a knowledege about "Jesus Christ" And also Bible Message reached to Muslims and through this process many Muslims come in Christianity. We want Dear Friends Christ "Every thing is possible in the name of God" And God call you and your ministry in Pakistan. Dear in Christ we need working together as parts of one body of Christ. And you know God is our tree and we are Branches of God tree. We want working in unity and please let's start working together in Pakistan. We want Evangelism in Pakistan ,Church Planting in poor and unreached areas. We are poor worker of Christ please take seriously our message and lets working together in Islamic country and according to words of God "Go and Preached message of Bible" And yes we want preaching the message of Bible in unreached areas and believed through this process Gospel spread all Pakistan and many accept Christianity . I believed that you come in Pakistan because you want spread Gospel . We hope you "Understand our people feelings and hope with your work" Understand our feelings, Praise the God. "Thousands of Christ people waiting you in Pakistan" Pakistan needs Jesus and it was among the Christian that I found air I could breathe and peace that was real. “Thousands of People waiting you.” Christ is Coming Soon! Time is Running Out Fast! Win Souls for Christ! We want your mission and projects and networking in Pakistan and we want reached together and work together in Pakistan as parts of one body of Christ we want reached unreached people of Christ with Gospel message of God. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in him should not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16).” "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." Matthew 28:18-20 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. Mark 16:14 "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path" (Psalm 119:105) Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you: and lo, I am with you always , even to the end of the age. (Matthew 28:19-20) The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the Lord's favor. Luke 4. 18 - 19 If you are unable to come than how you can help us? Prayer Support. Send your friends for Revival Crusades & Seminars Financial & Moral support Through religious materials or other things as you like. If you are able to help our people in anyway please do not hesitate to sown a seed and do it for the work of God and join us for revival in Pakistan. We can’t give you any reward for your help, we only pray for you, but our Lord will give you reward from the doors of haven. We request you to please remember our ministry in your daily prayers that almighty God will use our team only for His glorious work. We can give you more information on your reply. Pastor Ravi Daniel And all our team from Pakistan. Phone # 0092-3157032005. we hope you send your response very soon Praise God Thanks.

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