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Original message posted by Krissi on 07-28-07.

I fell God is calling me to missions and medical. I have 1 more year in school and I will have a ass degree and I fell God is calling me to the missions feild but also here too. I want to set up places for medical groups to go on missions for a week long at the time. I think that it would be great for doctors and dentist to travel to the mission field to help thoughs in need. But I am unsure if there is a sight for this or not or how to go about getting started. Please help me. Thank you your servant Krissi

Reply by Shua on 07-28-07.

You might look into Mercy Ships. They do a lot of medical mission work:

Reply by .ken on 07-29-07.

Dear Krissi, I would look at the web sites below of organizations already doing this and also call them for more information or get their publications. I can also send to you more info if you email me. LifeWind International Christian health and evangelism ministry promoting community development, partnering with nationals, and ministering to the whole person. Nurses Christian Fellowship International Links Christian nurses around the world. Conference information, member countries, resources and publications. Job Title: Community Health Evangelist MEDICAL AMBASSADORS INTERNATIONAL PO Box 576645 Modesto, CA 95357 Mission and Programs Medical and Dental Missions Directory Searchable listings of Christian medical mission opportunities, short and long term.

Reply by Andrew on 11-04-07.

Hi, Check out the Global Health Missions Conference, it is a MUST attend event that takes place EVERY year and is different each year. The site is and has great links on it of all those exhibiting. Free housing, free meals, cheap registration, and very well worth it.

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