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Anyone had experience shipping to ghana

Original message posted by Robin on 08-04-07.

My husband and I are m's to Ghana and need to ship at least 300 lbs of school books and other things to Accra. Does anyone have any experience in this and know the cheapest way to get this done?

Reply by Ken on 08-19-07.

The United States Post Offices have something called a m-bag. It allows you to send books and magazines at a low price. When I last send something, it was about $1 a pound.When you go to a post office, not all the workers know about the m-bag, so you might have to ask around. Please make sure they give you the best rate allowed. All the info on the m bag used to be printed, now it is in their computers. Below is some info on the m bag.

Reply by John Hensman on 08-21-07.

I am in full-time missions with Mercy Ships. We have shipped to Ghana via. cargo containers for support our hospital ship. Presently the Africa Mercy is in Liberia. We use a freight forwarder in Chicago for all our shipping...Paula Jacobi (The Shipping Advisor)...1-800-737-7331. She would be able to direct you as to how to ship at least cost.

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