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REALLY Need Ideas

Original message posted by Lori Nicolls on 11-06-07.

We have over 400 acres of land that we are selling with the profits going towards mission work. We want to be faithful with this money so will be investing it into places that will generate income to keep the monies comming in for the different ministries. We want to focus on Orphanages. We have made a website and have tried to spread the word about it but don't know how to go about getting the word out without digging into the profits. Does anyone have any ideas on how we could let others know about this opportunity without it costing us a fortune? We would welcome any ideas on ways to invest the monies as well if anyone knows of any solid Christian run type places/things etc. Also, if anyone would like to look at the website and give us feedback on how it could be made better we would really really appreciate that as well. Thanks for any help we can get on this. God Bless, Lori

Reply by Jim Hamilton on 11-25-07.

There is an evangelist (friend of ours) who is presently well-connected and dealing mightily in Liberia where there is a great need for orphanages because of the relatively recent warfare. There is a Christian president in Liberia now so they are very open to working with Christians and it is apparently quite safe to travel there now. Call me on the investment issue for an income (Foundation) as we do have some connections/suggestions on that also.

Reply by Peter N Millward on 12-08-07.

One suggestion is maybe invest in rental properties around the world. You would need expert advice and reliable people to work with....But the rental market has proved to be a good investment for those who have invested at the right time and the right places. I might be worth looking into.

Reply by Daniel on 03-28-08.

I'm a kenyan pastor based in Naironbi, Kenya with a very strong touch to see lives changed and more so for the little children who ca nnot afford a meal and education. I suggest you come here in Nairobi and get a place you can build a Center which people can go for prayers, retreats and other meetings for that is a business which can really make return for christians here are loking for such places e.g guest houses. Consequently i humbly request you to consider building an orphanage here in Kenya( 70 miles from Nairobi as you go towards Mombasa)in a place where children are poor(some orphans) and need help for by so doing we will also bring christianity to the entire community. I'm willing to donate the land free of charge as soon as contact me. Pastor Daniel. +254 734 56 44 90

Reply by Suggestion on 01-24-10.

Consider looking into the organization Word Made Flesh, which works with the poorest of the poor and street children around the world. www.

Reply by Rachel Pwar on 07-29-10.

Consider The vision is for 1,000 orphan children and they are raising them in small housing/ family atmosphere. The vision is to not ONLY resue, but train, transform and send. Check it out. They need very little to do a great deal of work.

Reply by Rupinder Singh on 04-06-11.

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Reply by Christ Mission Agency on 07-09-13.

We have passion to minister to orphan,widow,handicarp,HIV patients and less privilges in the society and missionaries on the field as a body. However, the main challenge confronting us is financial and material inadequacy. We need help from you and anyone who has passion for this set of people. We will appreciate and welcome your partnership to achieve this divine mandate. CMA,Ibadan,,+2348066770370

Reply by Florence on 07-29-13.

NKUBU CHILDREN CENTER. THE REHABILATION AND ASSISTANCE TO CHILDREN CARE CENTER IN NKUBU KENYA.B The idea was the brainchild of Rev. David Nthiga, pastor, Kenya Assemblies of God ch... NKUBU CHILDREN CENTER. THE REHABILATION AND ASSISTANCE TO CHILDREN CARE CENTER IN NKUBU KENYA.B The idea was the brainchild of Rev. David Nthiga, pastor, Kenya Assemblies of God ch...

Reply by Florence on 07-29-13.


Reply by Robertbooke on 03-06-18.

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