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Bible Studies for Muslims

Original message posted by Evan Smith on 11-07-07.

Dear Friends, I minister with Muslims in Central Asia. I'm trying to find Bible Studies written with Muslims in mind - either evangelistic studies or studies for new believers. Do you know of any such studies in print? Thanks for any help you can give me. In Him, Evan Smith

Reply by Jim on 11-25-07. Buy the book as a study manual. It is great for Muslims especially!

Reply by Robin on 02-18-08.

You can have the gospel message available online in Arabic four spiritual laws languages there are the key words I think.

Reply by Bruce Dunham on 10-26-08.

I suggest going to they have some good stuff. I think that's the address anyway. It has one book on Muslim culture that may help. I don't know exactly what you are looking for so try it and see if there is anything there that can help you. Bruce

Reply by Jon on 03-28-11. for Russian-speaking Muslims

Reply by Montree Jannee on 06-12-12.

We Lord for meet to your ministry l need to join the your ministry ,

Reply by Karl Maydell on 07-10-12.

Dear Brother Evan. I have a study series of 8 to 12 studies, self written, titled: How to win Muslims for Christ. in addition to that I have also written Bible-Study commentaries on New testament Epistles, in easy to understand englsh, without distroting God's Word, they are in use in many areas ofthe world like India, with their many different tongues and dialects, two of my study books are pressently being translated into Swahili in Ztanzania and Kenya. if interested write me, as I am alwaysjouful to serve our Lord in whatever capacity He uses me. Iam: Rev.Dr.Karl Maydell, Th.M.,D.Div

Reply by Karl Maydell on 07-10-12.

Whosoever (anyone or everyone) who is interested in study aids in print, here are my studies which are in print; The Roman Roadmap in 16 studies of the book of Romans Total Triumph - this contains two studies, a. The two Epistles Thessalonians in 8 study periods, and b. The three Pastoral Epistles in 13 Studies. c. Ephesus -- a study in 13 periods of the Epistle to the Ephesians. Not yet in print but ready to go: 2nd Corinthians and the two Epistles by Peter. In His service Karl Maydell

Reply by ERIC SHU on
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Dear Karl, I am really interested in your Materials. We are starting a new Missions Institute in Cameroon for French Speaking West and Central Africa called Rhema Harvest Institute for Missions and Development. For Now, we offer School of Discipleship & Ministry Programme, School of Cross Cultural Missions Programme, and School of Leadership Development. We offer Bilingual Lectures to both English and French Speaking Missionaries. Would you be available to offer us some courses in Muslim Evangelism and Discipleship as a visiting Lecturer? It's going to take you 2 - 3 weeks to complete your Module...You can get back to me on this e-mail. If you also Know any servant of God with expertise in Missiology, Ethnolinguistics, Earthnographic Research and other Missions related subjects who can assist us lecture as a guest teacher in the Missions School, Please also let me know. We offer accommodation and feeding to our guest lecturers for the duration of their stay which usually lasts 2 - 3 weeks.

Reply by CharlieEr on 01-03-17.

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Reply by GuestFuemn on 11-18-17.

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Reply by Scottdrife on 11-19-17.


Reply by GuestFuemn on 11-26-17.

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