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Service offer / requirements of missions

Original message posted by Steve on 01-19-08.

I am trying to find some sort of "clearing house" which might list mission needs for technical help / personnel, and additionally, to see what services others may be offering to missionary works. Does anyone know of such a site? I am interested in doing another stint of missionary work, but would like to find a better fit for my skills this time. Don't mind short or longer term (1 month to 2 years). I would like to be able to look over a mission's operation & requirementss etc first so we don't waste each other's time. Maybe a project, or assitance with a project sort of thing. Any suggestions?

Reply by .Ken on 01-30-08.

The first web site below is sort of what you want

Reply by Steve on 03-03-08.

Thanks Ken, I will follow those up. Thanks for the pointer.

Reply by Pastor Peter Victor on 02-25-09.

Ls it possible for you to help support my foreign mission to Cote d' ivoire on April 28th 2009 with the sum of $1000.thanks for positive reply

Reply by Elizabeth Robertson on 04-01-09.

Hello I am a angelic Reiki Master/Teacher and a Usui Reiki Practioneer I am looking to move to Osun State, Nigeria Is there any one that can help me locate missionary work I want out of California to do gods work on people that appreciate him. Please help me God Bless and thank you for your time.

Reply by Sunil on 06-30-09.

I sunil Jannu Founder of BLESSING MINISTRIES in India. Blessing Ministries established at the behest of our Almighty God in a humble way in the city called Hanamkoda of the Warangal District, Andhrapradesh India. Blessing Ministries has come into being with a view to catering to the needs of people living in the rural and urban areas taking the word of God and with the power of Holy Spirit. India is the land of diversity with different religious, several thousands of tribals with 24 languages and over 544 dialects spoken across this nation. Domination of Caste system further divides the people into seperate entities with unique customs and cultural beliefs. In order to realize our cause, we need partinership of friends all over the world. we believe that by working together we can make a difference in India for the cause of Christ. I need your prayers and support. Closing with prayers SUNIL JANNU For more information please visit us:

Reply by Lisa on 11-16-09.

We are a couple in our 40+. We are almost done with our bibletraining and we want a missionboard. But we are not americans. (Dutch pasport)Does anyone knows a good missionboard that accept foreigners? We want to be full time missionaries. We are praying about south chille but God has not yet showed us exactly where to serve. We have one daughter. (5years) God bless you

Reply by Pastor Michiel Matthee on 06-21-10.

We are a pastoral couple in our deep 40's from Worcester South Africa. The Lord has called us for full time missionary work. Our youngest child Laurika is in grade 11. We are involved in short term mission outreaches to Lesotho for the past 9 years. We need people or organizations to support us to do the work fulltime. Where can we get guidance and support? You can visit our website at for more informastion. God bless

Reply by REV.A.A.JOHNSON on 08-07-10.

Respected beloved Father in Christ, I am Rev. A.A. JOHNSON ,NGO’s CONSULTANT/ CHURCH PRESBYTER bring-forth our loving heart felt greetings and wishes from Tiruthuraipundi, TamilNadu, South India. It is a great privilege and opportunity for me to communicate with you and your respective mission agency during this Day of joy. I am very much interested to implement all the projects and programs of our organization, We are already working with Religious charitable organization formed by us by Namely FRATERNITY OF EVANGELICAL MISSION Tamilnadu for the past 10 years, After the successful completion of 22 years in the ministries as well as social services I am going to ordained as a Arch Bishop of IICM-USA during the month of Sep 25thof 2010 at Chennai,Tamilnadu.We here with enclosed my Bio data with my photo for your kind and perusal, At the movement I am seeking state Representative post of Tamilnadu or India under your concern direction and mission, So that I could be able to associate with you in a meaningful way to propagate the good news of Jesus as well as services to humanity ,I need favor response from your gracious hands as soon as possible. For the past two decade I was working as a NGO’s consultant/ Christian NGO’s facilitator /Missionary priest in different States of India towards to build the kingdom of God as well as to build the human in the sense of Reaching the Good News to the un-reached and to reached the Social welfare activities to the un-reached target groups. We have More than 100 Christian NGOs Clients in Tamilnadu, We would like to join those Christian NGOs as Members in your agency and I can work as a Representative post of Tamilnadu or India under your mission agency for those Christian NGOs for further developments and proceedings.. Therefore, We forward my Resume by E.Mail for your kind consideration and further proceeding. if I have get a chance to work under your respective Agency, I will be sincere and perfect with much efforts and enthusiasm. I will abide all the rules and regulation of your respective Agency. Please do the needful and favour, We shall be ever Sincere and grateful to you, We here with enclosed my bio data for your kind and perusal .we are looking forward to hear from you, Thanking you, Your Sincerely, REV.A.A.JOHNSON NGO’s CONSULTANT / CHURCH PRESBYTER. MMAJ COMPLEX,ATTUR ROAD, THIRUTHURAIPOONDI-614713 THIRUVARUR DT TAMILNADU-INDIA Mobile No:,0-9688358569,09150665193

Reply by Alzira Freire on 02-14-11.

I' m Alzira Freire and my husband are working with deaf peolple in Africa for about 8 years, I would be in Atlanta in may and august 2011 and Im looking for a Christian place to stay free ou low price, this travel is to purchase materials and contacts Deaf Churchs for our ministry with deaf here in Senegal. I looking forward to hear from you, Thanks

Reply by Shajahan V Hassan, Pastor on 09-06-11.

Respected reader, I am Shajahan V Hassan born and brought up in an orthodox Islamic family of South India. Hearing and believing the gospel i have accepted Him as my personal savior and Lord in the year 1985. Having 6 year Bible training and two international leadership training from Singapore. separated for the Lord's work in 1990. Serving the Lord in Peermade, Idukki District of Kerala as an evangelist.Established local church with new believers. Living by faith and faith alone. Now undergoing in a very critical,crucial , dangerous financial debt( US $ 10,000/) in connection with the construction of a Church building. We are working as independent .So will you please pray with us that we may experience the peace as early as possible. We have a fruitful out reach work now, but we are afraid of loosing the testimony and we don't want the name of God may not be in shame through us. Please pray and help us . If any one needs any further clarification please don't hesitate to call me or send mail to me. With love and prayer Shajahan V Hassan, Evangelist Good News Center, Post Box # 20 Peermade Post, Idukki District, Kerala, South India. 685 531. Phone (0091) 9447877132 Email :

Reply by Pastor.Solomon Poshan Kumar on 08-30-12.

Dear beloved in Christ ! Thank you for taking time to read this letter. I am Pastor Solomon Poshan Kumar from India. And for learning more about our work within rural villages of south India. BHADRACHALAM BIBLE SOCIETY (B.B.S) is a Christian organization (registered under A.P. Government societies act 1350) with a real heart & vision to reach rural villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to provide practical care and social works. Around 73% of people in India live in villages and as a result many of these places contain millions of people that are unreached by the Gospel and are often forgotten about. Many are living below the poverty line without proper food, accommodation, clothes and do not have access to education and medical facilities. In addition there are many thousands of orphans and semi orphans or abandoned street children. We have an Orphanage with 14 children. B.B.S is a relatively new organization that is committed to holistic Christian mission and is concerned about people, including their spiritual, physical, mental, social well being, in light of the great commission of Jesus Christ and the biblical mandate. Our primary work at this point of time is village evangelism and our secondary work is providing a vital level of social service and also working and encouraging other independent rural village pastors, we have 24 pastors working with our society. We are experiencing much blessing and seeing rapid growth in the districts we are currently working in as a result of being committed to the Lord's ministry in these areas, but as we enlarge our hearts towards this new work we realize how important it is that we seek the help and outside support of likeminded people who want to share in accomplishing these important tasks! We need to sustain the evangelism and social works we have begun in a variety of ways and so if you feel you are able to help and take seriously the task of praying and encouraging please pray and help us. Please consider how you could participate at this time. We at B.B.S are passionate about serving the Lord in this new mission opportunity and we need His help through His people to pursue and explore ways of coordinating our efforts as we seek mission partners. “This service you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God. Because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, men will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else. And in their prayers for you their hearts will go out to you, because of the surpassing grace God has given you.” 2 Cor 9:12–14 Contact us BHADRACHALAM BIBLE SOCIETY, H.No- 16-1-52/2, Bhagavandas colony, BHADRACHALAM-507111, Khammam (district), Andhara Pradesh, INDIA (south) e-mail phone: + 91 99633 83419

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