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Unreached People Group Research

Original message posted by Marshall Edwards on 11-19-04.

To whom it may concern: I am an evangelical currently doing a two year internship in Honduras and I am trying to look ahead to my future as a missionary. Would you be willing and able to give me the name and location of any indigenous group within the Central American (including Mexico) and South American regions that currently donīt have a church or a Bible? I have already accessed the Joshua Project List. Thank you, your brother in Christ, Marshall Edwards

Reply by Jesse on 01-14-05.

There are many unreached people groups in Latin America that don't have a Bible or a church. The Joshua Project website is a great place to start. You can check out the Caleb project,, and the Operation World site, Another website to try is WEC International,

Reply by Oradi Joshua on 11-25-06.

Dear Sir ! Praise the lord ! Calvary greetings to you ! I am pastor Joshua Ministring in surrounding area of hyderabad among with slums,orphans,street childrens,leporsay and with Prostitutes in rural and tribal areas.I has a desire to preach the Gosple to reach to unreached through Making Decipleship,Planting Churches,Send Pastors on Missions,and meet with poor and Illiterate people.As we have Several Daraught condition so we unable to raise much funds for your i am requesting u to support our church spritually and finincially so we both togather meet and expand the kingdom of god in remote villages. Thanking u Yours In His Service Pastor O.Joshua Contact me through my email

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