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How to start a independent mission program

Original message posted by Myrna on 03-26-09.

It's my desire to start a mission outreach to help out some of my independent missionary friends who goes to the third world to do some mission work like going to India to help the blinds and lepers. She finance by herself but the truth is she is not that rich and on top of that she is not that young. She is in her 60's and she travel by herself from US to India and other third world countries. Another one is a family who willingly trained in the tribal mission and cannot move on because of lack of financial support. Also a struggling church in Philippines whom I am trying to help with my very limited resources needs help too.I plan to start with small group my circle of christian friends. I named it THE CONNECTING POINT, wherein we, here base in America will be joining hands to connect to the 4 corners of the world to reach out and help. My heart aches when I see sisters and brothers who are out there living in the ravaged nation of famine and poverty. But on how to go about this plan is I don't have any idea. Please help me.

Reply by Paul Patrick Pierson on 08-12-09.

Myrna, I just started my own ministry and I'm raising funds to go to SE Asia to help missionaries out there. I feel your heart. I have some suggestions as to how to start you own ministry, but I'm a rookie too so... Start it like you would a business. Write a business plan, marketing plan and financial plan. I wrote a 30 pg business plan that included all the above. It gave me clear direction and cemented my focus. Writing a business plan for your ministry will internalize your dedication. It will also help you to research the nuts and bolts of the project you are taking on. Buy a software program to write the plan. I bought one called Business Pro 11 or something for $100. It was worth it. Meanwhile, research other missionary organizations (check out they got about 100 ministries on there). See what you like and what you don't like. Who knows, you might just join one who already shares your vision; instead of starting one on your own. God Bless-Paul

Reply by Chrispine Awino on 12-26-10.

I have started a missionary work in kenya and i still have the the desire to reach other remote part so that the unreached can also experience the mighty precious love of our loving and carring God,sometimes inadeqate fund,as lord will touch some one out there let jion hand together ,God is alwasy on our side

Reply by Pastor.a.immanuel Benjamine on 07-31-11.

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