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Original message posted by Allen Daves on 04-01-09.

I can send a couple of CD’s with bible Power points and PDFs ( Good OT topical studies as well) on them at my expense ( anywhere in the world) if anyone would be interested. (They would also include three time lines as power points each slide covers 100 years)......Please feel free to copy and or share with anyone ( including my contact information)who might be interested in Textual correlations pro or con..I don’t think you would be disappointed but I can’t help how people "feel" about the scriptures… If the truth is not found in the scriptures then how can we claim the scriptures are truth? If “exegesis” based on external “facts” and ideas is the standard for “proper understanding” of the scriptures then how can you know what truth is to be found in the scriptures until you first go and learn what “the truth” is so as to know what truth is to be found in the scriptures?!…….. … “let God be true and every man a liar! (Rom 3:4) God Bless, Allen Daves PO BOX 775 Snowflake, AZ 85937 ph: 928-587-4414 ( Arizona time for folk in other parts of the world)

Reply by Evanglist Asif Mubark on 04-13-09.

Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord. We all okay by the grace of God we hope you also will be okay by the Grace of God. Dear we want to invite you & your Team in Christ in Gojra/Pakistan for the Jesus Glory. We want to arrange a big gathering one 1000 To people 5 days Healing Crusade & 3 days Pastors Leadership Conference So in this way we give you invitation for the Crusade & Pastors leadership Conference in Gojra/Pakistan. Please give us time for the Jesus glory in Gojra/Pakistan in 2009 We hope and Trust on God that you must give us Time in 2009. We are continuing praying & Fasting for your coming in here in Gojra. We also want to affiliation & work with you in future in Gojra/Pakistan. We want your positive & quick reply as soon as possible for the Jesus Christ. God is good all the Time. God bless you and your Family + Church Your Brother Evanglist Asif Mubrak Catch The holy Fire Ministery Pakistan & Catch The Holy Fire Ministery Pakistan-Hour Healing Prayer Center Christan Colony Gojra Punjab Pakistan Telephone0092_301_7234129 email Email website Your Brother Evanglist Asif Mubark

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