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Original message posted by William Legree on 04-02-09.

To whom it may Concern, I recently have flown to Seoul South Korea where I currently reside and have run out of the necessary resources to continue my evangelism. This consist of passing out gospel tracks that the koreans and people of other nations can read and come aboard the jorney to a new and rewarding eternal life through Christ Jesus. I have written these tracks myself but need further assistance. I'am a minister who has a vision of preaching the gospel globally but right now I'm in need of help. Christ said "That the gospel would be preached around the world and then the END would come". My breathren and sisters. If ever their was a time to witness abroad it is now. I know that their is some uncertainty amongst you because of the turbulent times we find ourselves in the midst of but I assure you that what we do for God, thru Christ is the only thing that will last.

Reply by Rev.A.S.Backianathan on 04-18-09.

Hai Pastor, I am glad to know that you are the servant of God in Korea.The Lord provides our needs.I am also a missionary from southern part of India to Northern Part of India. I am good Bible Teacher. I have done Eight years of theological education( Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Theology under the Senate of Serampore College).God has used me around 23years of ministry in North India.Korean Christians are God fearing, mission minded and prayer warriors.If you wish, you can use me in teaching ministries in churches in Korea.I don.t know anybody there. You can arrange my schedule in korea. Then I can come and testify the lord and share about my ministries and also I can teach. Pray about it. if the Lord moves you please contact me. my address: 6/1/1, Hari Mohan Dutta Road, DumDum Cant, Kolkata, West Bengal state, India -700 028. Telephone: 09830492267, 03325902929 E Mail:

Reply by Noel Freeman on 10-04-09.

Dear Pastor William, Greetings to you in Jesus name. I read your posting. My heart was broken as you had mentioned that your evangelistic work got discontinued due to the lack of resources. First of all I pray to God to open all the resources to continue the evangelistic work through you only. If that is not God's will, then I am available. I completed my Bachelor in Theology and I have been doing evangelistic work in India by travelling to different states in India and giving tracts, preaching open air crusade, teaching in the bible college. It has been 22 years. Me, My wife, my 2 sons the elder son age 7 year and younger son age 3 years. We depend on God totally and do the ministry by faith. If you are led by God then certainly I would appreciate you to contact me in my email. Presently I dont have any phone number but I will get one if God willing. God bless you pastor. I am waiting for your reply. It doesnt matter whether the reply be positive or negetive but please do reply me sir. Yours truly in Christ Noel Freeman

Reply by Lisa on 11-16-09.

Dear pastor Your posting is not very clear on what kind of help you need. Do you need material, people working with you or what? May God bless you and don't be discouraged

Reply by Bishop Salamat on 12-08-09.

Dear Friends Shalom. I am missionary from Pakistan, a Christian healing evangelist and Church planter and we have planted 108 churches in Pakistan. God has called me for evangelistic work in USA. I have been visiting US for ministry since 2001 but, visiting there in January, 2010 to start ministry base including planting church. I need a house anywhere in USA. I would greatly appreciate any help, connections. I shall supply the needed information. Blessings Bishop Salamat Khokhar

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