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Need for Medical personal for clinic in rural Peru

Original message posted by Pastor Jonathon Edwards on 04-27-09.

Greetings, I am a missionary who has lived in Peru for over the last 10 years. We have started a new outreach in a small farming village called Santa Elena. This year (Aug. 1st-15th), we are holding a medical campaign in this village. In talking with the people of the village, they have a facility which was built by the government almost 12 years ago, but never staffed. They need to go almost 45 mins. to the nearest clinic/hospital. We would like for 2-3 people to come and staff this clinic and work training local Peruvian healthcare workers. Our vision is to have this clinic become a hub to reach out into other villages just like this one, first with health care and then by sharing the Gospel and planting a church in the village. If anyone would be interested, please email me and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have. Also, if anyone would be interested in coming to Peru on a short-term mission trip, you may contact me as well.

Reply by Luisa Manieri on 09-01-09.

Hello. I am a Certified Nursing assistant, currently working at Regional Venice Hospital in Venice Florida. I have beeing a Christian for more than 20 years now. In My Youth I was involves in local missions in the Washington metropolitan area; Reaching out homeless and addictis on the streets. Now I am interesting in becaming part of a health short-term mission team as CNA. I am Original from Colombia South America; I believe with my experience as a CNA and my spanish I can be of a great help to you. I would like more information about enjoying the team. please feel free to contact me. tahnk you.

Reply by Greg Seager on 12-30-09.

Hi Johnathon, I would like to help you with your clinic please email me at ( My wife and I are launching a Medical Missionary sending agency which will be operational in Feb or March 2010, it will be the first of its kind. We are very experienced in health program development. We would love to speak with you in more detail about Peru. In His Service, Greg S

Reply by Mandy on 01-20-10.

I became a Christian on my own terms when I was a young child of 8 years old. In my 30s now, I am stronger in my faith than ever before. God has put it on my heart for as long as i have a memory, to work as a health missionary. i am trained as a licensed practical nurse, and laboratory assistant. i feel his message in me to go forth and help others be well in mind body and spirit. please email me if you have any information you can share with me regarding this.

Reply by Mark Musial on 05-17-10.

Dear Pastor Jonathon Edwards, My journey with God has led me to some type of missionary work but it is unknown yet what will be. I lean towards gardening, growing your own healthy food and alternative medicines which are available here for now in USA. I make my own Colloidal Silver with a device I make. This is said to kill 650 virus, bacteria and fungi in or on the body. Also MMS which kills malaria. You can research these on the internet. Although I can not move to Peru, I may be able to help in some way. If this is of interest or value to you, please respond. Best Regards Mark Musial

Reply by Beth Bonilla on 09-04-11.

Greetings Johnathon, I am an infusion nurse and 62 years old. I am looking for a short term medical missions assignment. I am Baptist and attend Ray Avenue Baptist Church, teach Sunday School (4-6 year old children) and will finishing my EdD in Education in December. I have been a home infusion nurse for more than 20 years. I currently care for those individuals with bleeding disorders (Hemophilia A/B and von Willebrand disease and immune deficiencies)I am proficient in peripheral IVs, and port access. In HIS Service, Beth Bonilla RN M.Ed BSN

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