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Trying to find ONELIA LAWRENCE

Original message posted by Nancy Kernaghan on 05-15-09.

Hi my name is Nancy & I'm from Canada. I know that Onelia Lawrence does work in Jocon and I am trying to find an address for her. I sponsor a child through World Vision who lives in Jocon and I want to help this community as much as I can. If anyone knows how I can reach her, please contact Her address: did not work for me. Thank you, Nancy

Reply by John Otieno Aywagra on 12-11-10.

How are you Nancy? I came through your address and I was touched by it and I said why not write even though we have not met I am from Kenya and here help those who are suffering from the HIV/AIDS scourge.How they can have positive living and telling them that still there is life to be lived.So I thought good to write and hear from you.BEST REGARDS FROM THE PEOPLE OF KENYA. MAY GOD BLESS YOU IN EVERYTHING.HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU.

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