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We are looking for good curriculum for training churches to support missions - any suggestions?

Original message posted by Joshua Jones on 05-11-04.

We are searching for some good curriculum that we can use to train churches how to improve their missions support. Can anyone make any suggestions in this area?

Reply by Nathanael on 06-01-04.

Neal Pirolo is an excellent resource for you. He has written the books "Serving as Senders" and "The Re-Entry Team" both are very valuable for missions support from the church level. Also check out Paul Borthwick's "Mind for Missions." Both author's books are located in the Church Resources Section of this site.

Reply by Jennifer on 10-09-05.

David Shibley has a great book titled: The Missions Addiction. I have used it in teaching a class on missions. It's a great resource!

Reply by Melissa on 10-17-05.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is an awesome class that will not only get your church giving but going! It ignites passion for God's glory and seeing all nations come to know our Lord. find a class near you, take a few to it, then host one at your church. You will do it again and again!

Reply by Joshua Jones on 10-17-05.

Funny you mention Perspectives, I just signed up to go to their intensive 9 day course in January in LA. I hear it's great!

Reply by Ken on 01-31-06.

Http:// The best idea that any church can do is called faith promise giving. Above are some web sites. I have seen others that have specific resources regarding faith promise giving. Shalom, Ken

Reply by Ken on 02-01-06. This web site has posters of different countries and the people in the countries. It also has a book about mission conferences. A yearly mission conference that talks about faith promise missions giving is an excellent idea. You can put up flags of different countries or posters of people in different countries in your church building during this conference. This web site also has information on faith promise: goals, cards, brochures and a devotional book.

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