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Looking for low cost shipping company

Original message posted by Sophia on 06-04-09.

Hi, I am moving out from New York to Japan at the end of June. I have a few large boxes(books and clothings) to ship. I am looking for low cost ocean freight shipping company... Shipping should be done by before my leaving. If you have any experience or idea, kindly let me know. I would be a great help. Looking forward having your advice ASAP! Sophia

Reply by .Ken on 07-22-09.

Http:// Bill, I don't know about shipping items for free, but there are several companies on our Shipping and Freight page that work with missionaries, like Missionary Home Expediters, Worldwide Marketing and Shipping, and Home of Peace. Hello, my name is Angel Rodriguez. I am with a company called Worldwide-Marketing & Shipping. I am emailing you information about our company and our expertises and missionary specials. You can contact us toll free at: (877) 878-3227

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