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Good tracts

Original message posted by Jesse O'Reilly on 01-07-05.

What tracts have you found to be most beneficial? Steps to Peace with God / 4 Spiritual Laws? Fun tracts? Serious ones?

Reply by Chelagat on 06-03-05.

The 4 spiritual laws.

Reply by Nathan on 07-30-05.

Chick tracks - "this was your life" (in lots of languages) and the new one "something in common"...still mention sin !

Reply by Joshua Jones on 07-30-05.

What's wrong with mentioning sin, Nathan?

Reply by Colin on 08-26-05.

The problem with mentioning sin is that then you're making it your personal duty to convict the person. sharing the gospel is about love, not scaring or guilt tripping somebody into quickly accepting Christ, or else. Jesus never said to anyone, "you're a sinner, now go and be healed." He said, "you are healed, now go and turn from your evil ways." see? healing first, leaving sin second.

Reply by Joshua Jones on 08-26-05.

I hear you, I'm just not a big fan of tip-toeing around the truth in order not to offend people. Jesus didn't have any problem offending people (i.e. "you brood of vipers"). I haven't read the chick tracts in question, so I'm cautious as to what I say, because I could very well disagree with Mr. Chick. Either way, sin is sin, we're all guilty of it, like it or not. If someone at a red-light points out my flat tire, I'm not going to get mad at them for their pride, I'm going to thank them for pointing out a problem I might not have otherwise seen.

Reply by Jeff Davoll on 10-31-05.

Colin, W/0 sin, there is no need of salvation, for there is no separation. God said be ye holy as I am holy. Sin is essential to the gospel message, for without it, there would be no need of the savior. I do agree with you that the problem of sin was cared for through the overwhelming love of God sending His Son to die. Your mention of Jesus' healing and sending people away to leave their sin deals with the physical healing. Each message in the NT about salvation deals with the repentence from sin first, then walking in newness of life. I encourage you to consider sin in the presentation of the gospel, for without it, there is no need of a Savior.

Reply by Ken on 06-16-06.

Fun tracts, serious tracts American Tract Society serious tracts Good news publishers low price tracts Fellowship Tract League - All tracts free as the Lord provides illustrated tracts Chick tracts fun tracts, attention getting tracts, street witnessing tracts well written tract God's Simple Plan of Salvation - Lifegate, Inc.

Reply by Dan Wallace on 04-06-11.

I like ABC Tracts for witnessing and evangelism. Easy to read gospel tracts and pass out. A wide range of gospel tracts. I would like to suggest ABC Tracts for mission resoures under Tracts. English, Spanish, and Portuguese gospel tracts.

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