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Secondary Income from Home

Original message posted by Rev. Mark Du Bord on 07-25-09.

Greetings from Arizona. After being a minister/missionary for 20 years in Africa, the Middle East and Europe, I came back to the USA to continue working with our mission organization. We took continual hits to our financial income. The greatest blessing came when a pastor friend told me how he has supplemented his income by doing some work on the side, from home. After 14 weeks, he is making over 3200.00 a month. That got my attention. What's more, he was putting in anywhere from 3-8 hours a week. Well, as you could imagine, I too, am now doing the same thing. I know there are other pastors, missionaries, and people in general in our country who are out of work or have had to settle for much less. If you would like to learn more go to (click #2) then email me to talk. Peace and strength to you all. Rev. Mark du Bord

Reply by Noel Freeman on 10-04-09.

Dear Rev. Mark, Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. I am Noel Freeman from India. Sir, I am an evangelist doing evangelistic work in India. We live by faith for every money we depend on God. If there is any opportunity to earn then please let us know so that earning some more income I would be able to do the ministry to different places. Yours truly Noel Freeman

Reply by Yveto on 10-12-09.

Hi rev mark it is like GOD send me in that web to be able to find your contact ,my name is yveto dorce i am a young haitian missionary who work with YOUTH WITH A MISSION mean ywam ,so i used to work in several countries FOR 7 YEARS like dominican republic ,peru at the amazon and also in haiti ,now i am working in the state for a while but the policy of the mision is that every body raise their own support so i am now in the process to raise some fund to be able to pay the base where i am living and also keep doing evangelism which is my passion ,so it would be ablessing for me to help me to find that way so that i can raise my own fund to keep doing the job for th eglory of the LORD ,my email address is i would like to hear from you BLESSING yveto

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