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Need curriculum advice

Original message posted by Becky on 08-06-09.

We are a missionary family headed to Lima, Peru in 2010. Our girls will be just ready for PreK and K. What kind of curriculum can I look at that is Charlotte Mason, Classical, or literature based that is affordable and doesn't involve going to the library every week (not possible, as we all know) or having a room full of craft supplies? Any advice would be appreciated!!! Thanks, Becky

Reply by Sarah Nadine on 03-16-10.

Check out the Heart of Dakota curriculum. My kids are the same age, and we work in Asia. We are big charlotte mason fans and very excited about H o D. Hope this helps, Sarah

Reply by Myron West on 05-09-12.

My family is moving as missionaries to Uganda in the Fall of 2013. We have a son that will have just finished his sophomore year of public school and a daughter just finishing her 4th grade year. I need recommendations for a good homeschool/satellite curriculum to get them on. We are new to the whole process and any advice is welcom.

Reply by Brenda on 03-06-13.

Like Myron, I am taking my 15 year old daughter who will be a 10th grader when we go, to South Sudan in June 2013. Because we aren't guaranteed internet access everyday, I am needing a good homeschooling curriculum. It's overwhelming how much is out there, and I need a bit of help. Does anyone have a recommendation for high school curriculum? Thanks!

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