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Original message posted by Donia on 01-11-05.

If you're looking for a fun way for number practice, try this game. Make a deck of number cards, beginning with 1 and ending with 12, making 4 sets of each. Either by hand or on a computer, center the printed number word on each card, with the actual digit(s) in the corner. Be creative, i.e. use blue ink for even and red for odd, etc. There are several games to play with this deck, such as Go Fish, Summy, or Products. Summy is played like Rummy, but you have to have two or more matching sums to make a set, such as a 2 & a 5 matched with a 1 & a 6 or a 4 & a 3, each pair equalling the same sum; or you can have addends and the sum (such as 5,2,7). Products is played the same way, except you can either match pairs with the same product, or make a set of factors and the product. This is a lot of fun, even for those students who don't need the math help.

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