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Challenges in Children's Ministry

Original message posted by Jesse O'Reilly on 01-14-05.

For those of you in children's ministry, what challenges do you face that are specific to working with children? Are children more receptive to Christ?

Reply by Barbra Dawson on 04-25-05.

First of all I would like to say...what a wonderful website. I was browsing on the internet and came across your site. I see this question is dated 1-14-05. In my experience in youth outreachs, children's church and as a preschool teacher in a mission school,I have found children to be very receptive to Jesus Christ when you come down to their level and recognize that Jesus can be very real to them. They respond to the knowledge that Jesus wants to be their best friend and He will be their "Big Brother" if they want Him to be. It is very important that we do not try to win them on our level but on their level. As for the challenges....well.... Children are very active and their attention span is not as long as ours.

Reply by Elizabeth Acton on 10-06-05.

It depends on the child but in general children are more responsive to Christ. Someone told me that, "When you are little your glass is smaller so it doesn't take as much to fill it up." Children also like videos because when you are small you are more visual and learn from what you see. If you have any animated videos about bible stories; children love that.

Reply by Cecil Crisostomo on 12-07-05.

Children from the streets are very resilient and socially smart, I think this stem from their survival condition out in the streets. But the retreats are very important event for them, strange ? Yes, we did it for two years now and we really feel blessed when children are the ones realizing that God loves them and has a plan for their lives. I know its a big challenge, but the rewards are astronomical! When a rugby/chemical substance abuser tells you that he/she will stop his/her vice/s, it really is such a huge reward in itself. Yes, children are verrry receptive to Christ, and you better believe this, they hear His voice loud and clear than adults do. Give them what they are deprived of- food, rest, bath, attention and care etc. They'll hang around and stay with you. Children simply needs care and a lot of attention, these they lack at home that is why they opt to go to the streets where peers and friends can give them these.

Reply by Bro P Emmanuel on 06-18-06.

Greetings to you in the Loving Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. with reference to your question dated 01-14-05: i want to share an incident from india, when family prayer is going on in the morning time, one child of nearby house used to attend daily after listening songs at the time of family prayer. the child was attracted by the songs, eventhough he could not sing the christian songs (he never listen before because his parents are from hindu background) he used to clap with his hands. after going to home, he used to ask his parents to sing those songs for him again, not knowing that his parents are not christians (children dont know the cultural/religious/caste differences because they are innocent) frequently the boy asked the parents to sing those songs, but the parents could not make the boy calm, after few days, the boy requested the mother to come alongwith him to the family prayer to listen the songs, to satisfy her child, the mother used to come to the family prayer, she enjoyed the songs and also did listen the word of God and attended the church regularly from that time, then it is the part of the father, who too was attracted to the church. both the wife and husband had got salvation after believing Jesus in their heart. see, the wonderful work of Loving God in the heart of the a small child. 1. the songs attracted the boy, it indicates the Loving God is attracting the boy. 2. the boy attracted the parents, as elderly people, they are able to understand the loving God and the way of salvation. in this way the whole family is attending the church. God will use many ways to show His loving kindness towards the sinners to save. Second Incident:: onece we attended a far place of about 700 Kms from the place we reside to conduct children ministry for three days. by God's grace many children attended, taken decisions to follow Christ. while we packed our luggage to return, one small girl wept in the presence of her parents told biggerly that she wants to follow us in the ministry. which attracted her most?, not we, but the Living and Loving God attracted her heart to do the ministry we do, however, it took us for some time to pacify her, because parents are not all willing to send her. in my opnion, she is loving the Lord Jesus with her whole heart, thatswhy, she wants to move with us, not thinking about her future life, wants to leave her comforts with the parents. Glory be to GOD. thanking you very much for giving me this opportunity to share these two experiences. kindly pray for india, many children are perishing without the Gospel. many ministries are concentrating on audlt ministries but giving less priority to the chldren ministry. Tq. John 12:32 so, let us do (work) the works of Him ... while it is day.. (John 9:4) thank you

Reply by Pr.oscar Kimuli on 07-05-06.

As a children pastor in uganda(africa) i find children so very receptive to jesus no mater their back ground,but the real challenge is about how to keep them intrested & not bored since ministry has very limited resources. Children ministry also turns to be such a challenge when it comes to explaining & consolling a class that has lost a classmate to maleria or to AIDS.I think misssonaries help out here better.I just can not help but break down and cry. Also sending home,hungry & half-dressed children to homes surely subject to extreme poverty,insufficient care & parentlessness,completely tear apart my heart.

Reply by Linda on 07-14-06.

I work in our children's ministry the main problem is holding their attention especially our youngest children. We at this time do not have the proper space to run our ministry the way we should which leads to frustruation on the staff. However, the children are very respective to Jesus Christ. Prayerfully in God's will He will provide us with allocate space for our kids.

Reply by Neetu Kalsekar on 06-15-11.

My name is neetu kalsekar. live in india . i want some free litrature for children. b coz 6 children in my church

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