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Original message posted by Lisa on 11-16-09.

Hi, We are a couple with Dutch nationality coming from the island of Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles. We are living, studing and ministring fulltime in south texas near the border with Mexico. (we do speal spanish too) For visa reasons we would need to return home and come back after the right paperwork is filed. We are not allowed to raise support in USA and we don't have enough support. Does anyone know if their are organisations that help missionaries/students out financially to go home and come back? It will be a large amound of money since we have a child too. (1900 dollars i think) But we may be helped with a part if more than one organisation help us. Can someone tell me on wich door to knock? We continue to trust in God. Thank you

Reply by ? on 11-26-09.

Ask rgbi to help you or someone at rgbi might know someone who helps missionaries, they might have donors to help in special circumstances

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