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What is the right decision: Therapy or Surgery?

Original message posted by Hovardpaes Hovardpaes on 12-03-09.

Let's say you have osteoarthritis - probably the most common disorder of muscular system. It is often treated with a surgical procedure to clean out debris in the joint, using a miniature scope inserted straight into the knee. However more and more researchers point out fact that the surgery works, but no better than other treatments. Dr. Kalousek is a rheumatologist from emphasizes - surgery doesn't stop the arthritic process. Interestingly American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) persuades patients to consider physical therapy as an effective non-surgical option for osteoarthritis treatment. Doctor Kalousek confidences that beside therapeutic spa treatments everyone can protect joints from osteoarthritis or slow its progression simply by following suggestions: -Lose weight. Just remember that every kilogram lost reduces the load exerted on the knee for each step by four kilogram. -Be active. Exercise strengthens the muscles around joints, which can stop cartilage from wearing down. -Stay straight. Good posture protects the neck, back, hip and knee joints. -Don't stay immobile when sitting. Switching positions can reduce joint and muscle stiffness. -Lift carefully. Use your biggest and strongest joints and muscles when lifting or carrying to avoid straining smaller joints. -Break it up. Rest between periods of heavy activity to avoid repetitive stress on joints that can accelerate wear and tear. In other words therapeutic treatment is a good option of surgical operation in many cases!

Reply by .Ken on 12-25-09.

Natural treatments for osteoarthritis worth trying

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