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Why did I pack that? (Or why didn't I pack that?)

Original message posted by Jesse O'Reilly on 01-21-05.

Maybe it was your first short-term missions trip, or your first time out of the country for an extended time. Did you take anything with you that you was absolutely unnecessary, or did you leave anything behind that you should have taken?

Reply by Robert Griffith on 04-04-05.

One big advantage of an Emercy trip is that you are lead by people who have experienced this before and you benefit from their many trips abroad. The packing list they provide is very helpful. Usually, I take too many things. Less is usually better. The best clothing ideas I have found are (1) 2 pair of easily washable pants with multiple zippable pockets for passport,etc., particularly the ones that unzip the lower leg, (2) wear good quality T shirts daily, to which you have no emotional attachment, and leave those shirts in country when you leave (3) one pair of rubber flip flops to wear in the shower(4) Doxycycline 100mg daily protects you from Malaria and helps prevent Montezuma's revenge (5) bring 2 bottles of hand sanitizer, in case one gets lost (6) take a small light weight bible( leave your favorite big study Bible at home) and a language book.

Reply by Fr Scott Howard on 12-05-05.

I have a lot of business travel experience so I usually know what I won't use. On my first mission trip to lead - to Recife, Brazil - I whittled my electronics down to my Palm and iPod. On my Palm I had every team member's information, all the contact info for the mission, an expense tracker, money converter, Portuguese-English dictionary and a bunch more that I might need. Well, I used my Palm once and I never used my iPod because I felt like I needed to be aware of where everyone on the team was and alert to anything that might need my attention. So I lugged the two devices, their power adapters and a converter kit all for nothing. I already had the team info in a folder and any other info could have been written in my small journal. These devices also added the burden of always keeping up with them and finding places to stash them when I could not carry them. I am now a committed missionary Luddite!

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