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Questions about Medical Missions

Original message posted by Jenine Bobak on 02-18-10.

I am a student working a project about medical missions. I would like to interview someone who has participated in a medical mission trip. If you are interested in helping with our project, please share your experiences with us by answering the following questions. 1. How long have you been a nurse or physician? 2. Why did you choose to go? 3. How many trips have you gone on? 4. What was the group size? 5. What resources did you have before you left? 6. What do you wish you would have known befor you trip? 7. What kind of medical mission trip have you ben on? 8. What difficulties did you encounter while on your trip? 9. How long was your trip? 10. What were the living conditions? 11. What supplies did you take? Personal items? 12 Other comments?

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