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Original message posted by Kim on 02-08-05.

I'm interested in providing a place of rest and refreshment to missionaries out in the field. They would be able to come for no cost and stay as long as they need. My question: if you were looking for a place like this to stay, what would be a feature that you'd really like for the retreat center to provide? Don't hold back. The sky's the limit!:-> Thanks for any responses?

Reply by Tisha V... on 11-01-05.

Hi, My husband and I are wanting to do this in North Africa. For us we felt that being able to homeschool their children for them so that they can rest and relax. Of course we could say no school this week and you can all take a break but I think helping them with school so they dont have to worry about getting behind. Also I think its the little luxeries that they miss. Snack foods, treats to eat, mom and dad have a nice relaxing romantic hot date night with no kids and all night alone!!!! Game boards and movies that are family friendly, fun things for the whole family. Ready made picnic lunches for the family or for that hot date. :) Local hot spots, hikes, other fun local things to do or see or tour. Just cooking, cleaning and free babysitting is enough to excite them. Blessings in your project. Let me know your ideas so that we can have an effective ministry also and know how you are. e-mail me In Him, Latisha

Reply by Cecil Crisostomo on 12-06-05.

Dear Kim, I'm also interested to put up a missionary home for the aged and a vacation place for missionaries here in the Philippines. This project has been in my heart and I really think that missionaries should rest and relax when they are on vacation and especially after serving the Lord for a long time- that is in their senior years. It is a worthy endeavor and I would just love to host them. I think that there should be a small unit for families or couples for their privacy and a row of rooms for individuals or two. There must be some provisions for their own cooking should they want to do it. Or the center can have cafeteria/coofee nook. A farm for vegetables and an orchard for fruit bearing trees would be nice. A fish pond and a hammock on a flowery garden would be beautiful too. They can spend afternoons fishing and swimming on natural pools to revive their tired bodies. There could be services held every night if a fellowship with others in the chapel is made available. The center can be a small community. To maintain the whole place, it will take a lot of help from able bodied young people. My idea is to have an orphanage and the children can be trained to be missionaries too. A farm can be put up to produce some of their food and tended by the kids. There are many streetchildren needing the care and attention that some of the older missionaries can give. The young ones need these while the older missionaries can teach and guide them. I hope and pray that we can exchange notes on these. God bless! Cecil e-mail me

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