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Mission Resource Center?

Original message posted by Sarah DeSalvo on 06-06-10.

I know that International Aid (an organization based in western Michigan) used to have a store where missionaries could buy things like medicines, cleaning supplies, etc, at an extremely reduced cost (I know this because my parents were missionaries and we shopped there every furlough!) Now my husband and I have just finished our first term and were interested in shopping there, but we have heard that International Aid has closed that part of their ministry. We've heard that another organization has continued on this ministry but can't find any information about where they might be located. Does anyone know anything about a place like this? Thank you!

Reply by Brittany Blair on 10-15-10.

I am good friends with some of the people who took on the laboratory side of things when International Aid closed. I don't believe that they still have the full range of supplies for sale like IA did, but they still continue the program that was formerly known as Lab-in-a-Suitcase along with their own humanitarian aid programs. The organization name is Global Care Partners. It's located in Berrien Springs, MI.

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