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Not leasning Call Of Hope leaders

Original message posted by Ashraf Qayoom on 07-02-10.

Ye Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Make You Free...John 8:32 Memorandum/report form Kashmir Greetings from Kashmir J&K! This report/memorandum concerns the work and behavior of Call of Hope worker in Kashmir, namely, Mr. Gayour. As reported from time to time the said person has been causing a lot of trouble to local Kashmiri leades & believers from Muslim back ground. The man, as reported by some people who have been very intimate with him, has never been seen shearing the Gospel among any one in the Kashmir valley. As many times we have been conveyed to the director of the concerned organization but there was not any fruit full decision for them, after one year a meeting of Kashmiri leader/believers was called upon in May, 2010, in the CNI church Srinagar, under leadership of Rev.Pastor C M Khana With all other details, discussions from the all presented leaders/believers and others in the council-light was thrown upon different aspects of the past and present status of the said worker. A unanimous resolution by the presented leaders/believers and others to the following effect was passed. 1. That the call of hope worker is commited back biting of Kashmari leaders. 2. That the said person is not working for the Great commission. 3. There were discussed many things about Him, and finally it was decided that convey the leaders of call of hope, please transfer your worker from Kashmir to another state, as this the source of luxurious life of Mr.Gayour worker of call of hope in Kashmir. Besides, he has always covered the original address of the call of hope on diaries by putting his personal stickers on them. That is the reason why the Call of Hope leaders have not been able to receive any feedback from Kashmir for a long time. There are may longstanding believers from Kashmir with good educational background eager to have an interaction with leader of call of hope and independent level. As body of Christ in Kashmir we feel it our moral obligation to apprise you with these facts so that we will not be charged with sin of omission on the Day of Judgment. With kindest regards Ashraf Qayoom

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