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About my book

Original message posted by Yveto Dorce on 09-20-10.

Hi every body I just write to say that I wrote a book name THE GOD OF MIRACLES by Yveto Dorce, just coming out in amazon,the book is very interesting, people are writting me to ask about the book, it is about miracles that I have been seen and also other people that I know who explain me their story about how God is real in these days, one of the story is that,I met that woman who is an elder in a church then explain me about how God show up and put food in her plate with three kids while the plates were empty during the day when she did not have any food to feed the kids ect, and a lot of stories like that,to show people that God is real so my question is that how can I promote the book better, so that other people can by it rather than my friends, I would like to have some feed back to know how to do that better BLESS YOU yveto

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