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Shipping overseas

Original message posted by Bill Farace on 02-28-05.

I would like to know if there are any oversea shipping concerns that will bring the donated medical items that i have gathered to the philippines for little or no cost. The supplies are vermont and i think the nearest port is either Boston or new York. I also need supplies to furnish an Ambulance in the Philippines. Thank you. bill

Reply by Jesse O'Reilly on 03-11-05.

Bill, I don't know about shipping items for free, but there are several companies on our Shipping and Freight page that work with missionaries, like Missionary Home Expediters, Worldwide Marketing and Shipping, and Home of Peace. Also, when Emercy sends short-term teams, we often take along equipment and supplies for missionaries. Is anyone traveling to the Philipines anytime soon?

Reply by Ken on 01-31-06.

Http:// please see my web site above. some organizations might have changed addresses. Since they are Christian shippers, they might do so shipping for reduced prices or you can ask them if they know of other ministries that could help you. for example you could see if another ministry is shipping a container to the Philippines and see if they have any extra room. This is one good contact below RB Mission Services Next time you need to ship overseas, try Richard at RB Mission Services, . Apparently, he has shipped missionaries, non-profit and relief organizations for over 25 years. He does international truck, air and ocean shipping. Let us know what you think! Richard Beyer at RB Mission Services, tel. 734 946-4745, fax 734-946-3114, email . Richard handles trucking and ocean freight to send missionary goods, Bibles, literature, and relief goods wherever you want it to go. RMJ can ship from ports like Baltimore, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Toronto, Seattle and even LA. If you need airfreight, ocean carriage, or trucking, please try RB Mission Services. God Bless, Richard Beyer RB Mission Services formerly RMJ Services (O) 734-946-4745 (F)734-946-3114

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