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Original message posted by Francesca Czajkowski on 01-20-11.

I have had the desire to be a missionary since second grade. Currently I am a sophomore in college and a math major. How I can use a math major for missions (other than being a teacher)?

Reply by Brian on 01-27-11.

You can reach students while tutoring them in math.

Reply by Matt on 04-09-11.

Don't worry about, you can never DREAM how God will use your gifts and talents. I was a school teacher for 11 years when God called me and my family. Let God work out the details. That being said, I know that we need something to "chew" on while we're waiting for the Lord to show us the next step, so here's an example: A local boys home foundation (here in Colombia) needs someone to runs the "operations" of it (basically, make it run financially). I hate numbers, so I'm out. But I know that there are so many foundations (boys homes, girls homes, homeless shelters, etc.) that really really need someone with some ability to crunch numbers. Without them, the whole ministry doesn't function.

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