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Original message posted by Brother Michael Fordjour on 06-13-11.

Michael Fordjour is my name . Charity Fordjour is the name of my wife. We are Missionary's in the Lord's Church. We are currently operating a Non-Profit Organisation by name "COME AND SEE MISSIONS. It is our aim to do ; 1.Do an extensive evangelism in the Towns, Villages and Hinterlands of Ghana. 2.Plant churches. 3.Train up leaders to help in the ministry. We are appealing to brethren to come our way as we badly need these equipments. Bibles - for distribution Preaching Equipments Horns Speakers Public Address System Laptop Computer. Hoping this our supplication request would meet you very w ell in the Lord. God bless you all as you peruse through this request and help us. CONTACT. COME AND SEE MISSIONS MICHAEL FORDJOUR P.O. BOX K 36 TAKORADI- WESTERN GHANA WEST AFRICA. + 233 543430095

Reply by Pastor Babuji Rao on 07-30-11.

Dear Brethren in Christ, I am very happy to write you this letter as I pray and hope you will answer my writing for the holy bibles for myself and the christian lepers that are with me.” I want to brief you little about myself. Sir i was born to the family of a chief priest – a well known idol worshipping family, and married to the daughter of another such family. we had four children, and lived their idol worshipping life happily. Then everything changed. My wife came back from the city where he had gone to buy goats for our annual festival. She came back to inform me of his encounter with a man of GOD that told him about Jesus Christ and it was the first time she was hearing of that name. she also told me the man of GOD said we should accept Jesus Christ as our only lord and personal saviour. We never really understand what it means to accept Jesus Christ as our only lord and personal saviour until two months later, April 25,when my Wife encountered this man of GOD again and he accompany my Wife back to the village, that he now taught us what it means to accept Christ as our lord and saviour. On the 10th of May, 1994, we were baptized and started our home fellowship. It was then that the trouble started. The villagers including my Wife’s dad abducted my Wife and sacrificed her to their gods, and that same night they came to our house in the middle of the night and set our house ablaze, and I lost my 2 sons and daughter to the inferno. It was only a miracle that I managed to escape that night with my only surviving son, but by the time the villagers got to know about why we were running from our village, they too planned to use us for rituals, and they believed we are accursed for believing in Jesus Christ. But God had a purpose for me in life, and made one of the elders in the village to have compassion on us and let us escape before the day we were to be used as sacrifices to their gods. We eventually settled in O. Leprosy Centre where we were received with open arms. We were free from all the disturbance as the lepers are rejected people in our society back here. I was afraid to preach the gospel again as I was afraid of death. But on October 27, 1999, God spoke to me in my dream that I should not be afraid of death, for death is the gateway to eternity in Heaven for we the believers…that HE preserved me and allowed all those persecutions to happen to me so I can serve him…. by the next day when I woke up I realise for the 4 years I have been with the orphans, none of them have ever heard of the gospel, and none of them knew anything about our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. So I started to preach the gospel of Jesus to them. Initially they refuse to listen as they believed nobody loves or care about them and that Jesus I talk about is no different. But after much preaching and praying for six months, I was able to convert 10 of them for Jesus Christ. Today I am happy to say we are 163 in number, and we now have a church that is called Udororogbei Leper Community Bible Church We have been serving and doing the work of GOD diligently even with all the hardship and untold neglect from the members of the larger society. We don’t even have a church building, and we use under trees for our worship and services, but our major problem is the holy bible for 16 Elders in the Church and they are old and they can only read the GIANT PRINT BIBLES.Please do send us the Giant Print Bibles as soon as possible so that Souls will have God’s Word to study. May God Bless you For the work you do for the cause of the kingdom In Christ. Evangelist Michael Gekpedonieh Our Mail Contact Address is written below . Reply

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