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Missionary Skit

Original message posted by Briana on 08-18-11.

I'm looking for a skit to do at our annual Ladies Missions Brunch. It can be funny or serious. It needs to be something free I can download or copy. I'm looking for something with a few people (1-5) and not too long (5-10 min). It can really about any aspect of Missions or being a missionary.

Reply by Brian on 09-01-11.


Reply by Mary Simon on 11-21-11.

Having a Mission Workshop and I would like a short skit to do on that program. Thanks

Reply by Ken on 12-07-11.

I'm planning a Foreign Missionary Night at our Church Conference. I'm looking for a missionary skit that would be suitable for a cast of older people. Maybe 10-15 minutes

Reply by Carolyn Wilson on 06-13-12.

My church is going on a short-term mission trip to Paraguay in August. We need mime skit, not more than approximately 5 to 8 minutes, which will involve 1 to 3 adults and 2 young girls (ages 13 and 15). We need a subject which will speak well to elementary-age children. I will be directing this mime, and I will appreciate all the help I can get.

Reply by Leomia Clay on 06-27-12.

I am looking for a skit to do at an annual church missionary program.It can be serious, funny, or a mixture of both. It needs to be 7-10 minutes long with 8 or 10 females ages 45-55. It can be about the aspects of missions or being a missionary

Reply by Denise Francis on 11-01-12.

Please help with a Skit for Missions. We want to revive the purpose of Missions in our church.

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