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Student Volunteer Movement

Original message posted by Kristen on 04-09-05.

Does anyone have any good information on the student volunteer movement?

Reply by Joshua Jones on 05-16-05.

Could you be more specific? Are you referring to a project done by a certain ministry? Are you referring to a missions trend as a whole?
God bless!

Reply by Daniel P Schneider on 11-16-05.

Give me your address and I will send you some information. I am currently working with an organization called SVM2 (Student Volunteer Movement 2 or We exist to simply aid organizations, student groups, and individuals to try and grasp a vision of what God did in the past and attempting to envision what He could do in our own generation. As we approach 2006 we are looking back to one of the historical moments in the first Student Volunteer Movement , the Haystack Meeting of 1806. It was in this meeting that God sparked John Mott and a few others to pray for a missionary movement in their generation. Please contact me and we can discuss this more.

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