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Expanding knowledge to churches

Original message posted by Cynthia Strong on 01-05-12.

I have been doing mission ministry since 2003 in Takoradi,Ghana on and off. I am just getting exposed to all the sites that are available to missionaries. I would have loved to have seen some of this material in my church or even heard about it through friends of mine who attend other churches. I was blessed with a ticket to return to Takoradi, Ghana,Jan 10th 2012 but my church is in transition having to share with another church to cut expenditurs at this time.I am on my own to do missions.I need support in housing and transportation. Using a taxi is too expensive in traveling back and forth to the villages where I do my mission ministry with the youth and women.I stay with friend but I need my ownplace because I feel too much obligation staying with someone. My site is 6158101505 mobile.I am asking for more information in getting missionary care

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