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Nonverbal Skit/Mime on "Giving" and "Community Service"

Original message posted by Chad on 01-08-12.

Happy new year! I am trying to brainstorm ideas for skits/mime/presentations that will communicate the joy of being a "giver" and in particular to encourage Community Service. My wife and I are leaving in two years for a 10 year sailing circumnavigation voyage, and we will be getting some funding through the Lions Club International to speak to children/schools all over the world on the topic of celebrating Community Service. For the past 26 years I have been a school principal, and I have a huge background in running theater, drama, assemblies, and entertaining kids while teaching vital character lessons. I currently use my two ventriloquist dummies, music (I play the banjo and drums), and dramatic speaking to captivate my students. we sail around the world, I will not have the luxury of English speaking audiences, so I want to develop an entirely universal assembly, perhaps set to music (but not neccessarily). I know that this is not specifically "Christian", but I dont see any other website like this on the web! Chad

Reply by Chad on 01-08-12.

PS I am in the San Francisco Bay Area, if there are any folks nearby. My email is chadvoyage at yahoo dot com.

Reply by Molly on 10-04-12.

Go on youtube and type in Offering plate, or giving mime, theres a great one using illustration of the offering plate.

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