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Original message posted by Tara on 01-16-12.

HI, NC doesn't have any sort of requirements for overseas homeschool taught children, but they have very specific ones for in-state. I don't want any problems putting our children back in school when we return. I was hoping to find what our requirements are in homeschooling overseas if any. Can we connect with an organization for some credibility? Thank you.

Reply by Kelly Pratt on 02-06-12.

I don't know about North Carolina, but you can call the local school board in your city and ask them for all this information and more. My kids used an online program called It's a great program and allows for parental involvement. There's also a test your kids can take called the CAT (California Assessment Test). Most schools use these tests to allow home-schooled children to continue being home-schooled and also to make sure they are on track with their learning. This may be difficult to do if you're out of the country. You may have to have it mailed to a family member in the states and then have that family member mail the test to you.

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