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Original message posted by Rebecca Cox on 01-24-12.

Hello! My husband and I really came to faith a couple of years ago after we had some marital problems. He definitely made a big turn-around for the better after he came to faith, but I feel like he has a ways to go. He doesn't guard his influences, like listening to music that does not glorify God, and playing video games with killing and foul language, including taking the Lord's name in vain. I never see him pray, but he has said he does. Same with reading the Bible, I never see him read it, but he says he listens to his Bible CDs in the car. I have asked him to pray together, but still haven't. He's still a bit grumpy and impatient, but not near as bad as he used to be. Never see him studying, he's not in any ministry... But, in Sunday School, he's got all the right answers and states he wants to be a missionary. I'm ok with being a missionary, but I personally don't feel like he would be a good witness, and especially if our family is on a sailboat together(how he wants to do missions work) which our teenager would absolutely loathe. The whole thing sounds like a floating nightmare to me. Your thoughts? Thank you so much for your insight! Rebecca

Reply by Kelly Pratt on 02-06-12.

It seems like you both still need work. You don't really trust what he says, and he doesn't seem to be open to sharing his spiritual journey with you. Any mission work you would decide to do would require training. During the training, the truth of his devotion to studying would become clear to everyone involved in this process. You might want to test the waters just by stating that you have found a mission training organization to assist the two of you in missions and just see what his response is. Make sure that you have truly done your homework with this though before you go to him. A lot of these organizations also would test your marriage, personalities, devotion to God, study habits, and psychological strength. I hope this suggestion helps.

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