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Original message posted by Michelle Campbell on 03-11-12.

Has anyone gone through mission sending agency? It was formerly Unevangelized Fields Missions? Any other ideas for an agency that sends to India and allows you to have a layperson career (I'm in nursing) and use that as a way to reach people?

Reply by Brian on 03-25-12.

Http:// Medical Missions Organizations

Reply by Vadlakonda Somaiah on 04-02-12.

MEET: Ministry of Education and Empowerment for tribal Introduction: Being touched by the pains and sufferings of the vulnerable to poverty, hunger, superstitions, ignorance and exploitation, I Vadlakonda Somaiah, took initiative to start Church of Christ to give them spiritual strength to these vulnerable people. I had completed Graduation course on Bible at sattupalli, Khammam district, Andhra Pradesh. I started this church in 2004 with the community members of 4 families. This church is also one of the Developmental interventions in the tribal belt of the region of Bhdrachalam. In response to the need of the area, a church was built with thatched Shed with the help of local community at Rajupeta, Bhadrachalam. Having made its presence in the area, it undertook another 2 congregations called Kammarigudem and kannaigudem exclusively tribal villages. This mission lies in the boarders of the states of Orissa, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. The region is predominantly populated by tribal who are most absolutely deprived and destitute of all Indians. The Vision To build up a Spiritual Society where there is spiritual strength with that they live happy life and enjoy the right to life in the region of Bhdrachalam. The Mission To promote spiritual strength in the lives of tribes leading to an improved level of subsistence and accompanying a life with love, passion and concern in the presence of Jesus Christ as he is the head of the community. The initial activities of MEET: Ministry of Education and Empowerment for tribal . By seeing the needy by the visit to the families, I have found that there is need to do lot as spiritual and social life of the people. Spiritual Activities: In the beginning we used to visit the villages and praying for their difficulties. We gained the trust of the people and we initiated prayer meeting in the streets. People found that there is real god who is Jesus Christ among them. They believed that Jesus Christ is the real God and who is strength for their life. With the help of these believers We had put up small thatched shed for the prayer meetings in the village Kammarigudem. At present 45 families in the church, all were baptized and regular to the worship and prayers. It went to two years and then we have found that it was not sufficient and initiated in another village called Kannaigudem. We are having prayer meetings in one the believers’ house. Regular Prayer worships: Sundays: First worship – 9.30 am. Kammarigudem Second worship – 6.30 pm. Kannaigudem Fridays: 10.00 am Prayer - Kammarigudem Other days: House visit and Prayers – Mornings and Evenings Totally 70 families were coming to the church for worships in two congregations. 50 families were converted in to Christianity through baptism. We distributed bibles to every family in the congregations. Social Activities: Distribution of the needs which were donated by the NGOs and Missionaries. Through some of the generous hearted people we distributed: Sarees: were distributed to 100 women every year during the New Year prayer worships. Learning materials for the children: We distribute slates, notebooks, Tiffin boxes, gift boxes and stationery items to 25 children every year. Bed sheets to the old aged women and widows: We distributed bed sheets to 45 members during Godavari floods. Medical Camps: We conducted medical camps during Godavari floods through the help of NGOs. The two congregations had benefited the service. Bore wells: We had put up two bore wells in two villages, where our congregations are living with the help of Balavikas, Warangal .and CBN Hydrabad Eye camp: we had conducted eye camp at Kammarigudem with the help a Doctor from Rajamudry. Church Profile: Name of the MEET: Ministry of Education and Empowerment for tribal No. of Congregations 02 Name of the preacher Br. Vadlakonda Somaiah Year of establishment 2004 No. of families in the church 70 No. of families Baptized 50 please prayer Needs of the church and people: Items Details Cost in Indian Rs Cost in US $23, 256 Buildings construction for 2 churches 10, 00, 000 Support for the children (Note books, Uniform & stationery) 25 children x RS 1,000 25, 000 US $581 Pensions to the widows 40 Persons x Rs 300 X 12 months 1,44, 000 US $3, 349 Telugu Bibles ( New & Old Testaments) 70 families can be a kind Church adapted all believers development activities Conclusion: We believe that if this initiative materializes these vulnerable people would get regular prayer worships; the children would get good education. We do assure that we are accountable whatever we receive and we will be transparent in the account. We also would give the audit statements the accounts audited by the Government auditors. May god bless our initiatives and strengthen us. Thanking you Yours in Christ Br. V. Somaiah Preacher, Rajupeta, Bhadrachalam. BHADRACHALAM Khammam district

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