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Inexpensive car rental??

Original message posted by Jim & Jolene on 06-15-12.

We are preparing to leave in mid-August for Zambia, Africa. We are a family of six. We are needing to sell our vehicles before we leave, plus haul a large amount of luggage from Oklahoma to Baltimore, MD. We have looked at rental vehicles (looking at renting a cargo van for the luggage and an economy car for the family). Any suggestions on ways to do this much more cheaply than what we're getting on the rental car websites? We'll be going out through Missouri, to visit family before leaving. If anyone has learned any great ways to do this, please share. We are really struggling with this, as we want to be the best stewards of the LORD's money that we can be. Thank you.

Reply by Brian on 06-19-12.

MISSIONARY TECH TEAM WORKS -- Here's some user feedback on the Missionary Tech Team approach to getting a vehicle: " We are ... on furlough in the US for 8 months. We had to hit the ground running and didn't want to mess with fixing up a donor car. So we rented a minivan from the folks at Tech Team. There is a monthly charge and a charge per mile. Tech Team takes care of any repairs. In July the transmission of our Dodge Caravan went out. We stopped at a transmission shop, called Tech Team, and they gave their credit card info to the shop manager. The next day we were back on the road with a next transmission! We love Tech Team." For more info., see tech's website: Here are some other choices

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