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Original message posted by Gina on 12-26-12.

Hi I apologize for this email from a complete stranger. I am a heart transplant coordinator in Chicago and I recently donated a kidney to my dad. My experience was so heartwarming and I am so grateful for our advanced healthcare system, that I am going to Africa to visit my friends mom who is there through the Clinton Health Initiative. She is working with the Rwamagana School of Nursing and Midwifery and I would like to show up there with items to help them. In any event, they need many supplies for their skills lab. I donít know anything about it and am basically looking for assistance or direction on how to make this happen. If you have any thoughts or ideas on how I can go about this or who I should contact, I would appreciate it so very much. I am not sure who to contact. I attached a list and though I am in the medical field, I donít even know what some of this stuff is. If you have any thoughts for me, please advise. Thank you and happiness and health to you Gina Ferguson Chicago SKILLS LAB MIDWIFERY 1) Mannequin delivery ( easly pass by the fetus head) : 3 2) Mannequin for baby( flexible mannequin :2 3) Mannequin for using IUD :3 4) Arm mannequin for jadelle ( Trocart + jadelle) :2 5) Manuel vaccum aspiration ( AMIU) :2 (dilatation + curettage) 6) Suction Tubes for newborns (different sizes) 7) Kiwi vaccum extractor ( Ventouse) :5 8) Amniohook :3 9) Surgilub ( Lubricant) :2 boxes 10) CHART ( Planche pour dilatation cervicale) : 2 SURGICAL MATERIALS 1) Model YGT-1 stainless steel Elevation type bone traction bed :1 2) Kirschner :4 3) Oscillating electric cast saw ( Cast removal) : 1 4) Steinmann 5) Hand drill 6) Carpenterís drill 7) Wire cutting forceps 8) Gissane stirrup 9) Intramedullar nail : 6 10) Pins Plates 11) Material of colostomia :10 12) Suction machine :1 13) Kit of pleural puncture ;2 14) Kit of lumbar puncture :2 15) Kit of Synovial drainage :2 Medical materials 16) Non rebreather masks :4 17) Nasal prongs : 10 18) Nebuliser masks : - pediatric : 8 -Adult : 8 19) Kits of Enema : 2 20) Ambubags : 2 20) Seringue pump : 5 21) Infusomat 22) Billetrol Other materials: 1) Sphygnomanometer 60 2) Gloves ( VYCRAL) non Ė latex 30 boxes : small 30 boxes : medium 30 boxes : large

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