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Financeial request for construction

Original message posted by Pst. Reginald G. Langar on 02-18-13.

Unmovable Baptist Church Morris’ Farm, Paynesville City C/O Box 2997, 1000Monrovia, 10Liberia, West Africa Phone #: +231 770 800 265 PROJECT APPLICATION: Title of the Project: REQUEST FOR FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE CHURCH EDIFICE. Submitting Organization/Church: UNMOVABLE BAPTIST CHURCH, LIBERIA Person in Charge: Pastor Reginald G. Langar Address: Morris’ Farm, Paynesville, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa E-mail: Cell #: (00231) 880 640 536 Unmovable Baptist Church is a growing outskirt of Morris’ Farm, Paynesville city, Monrovia, Liberia. In order to accommodate the growing number of people, we are in need of meeting place or room so as to build unity among people of different tribes of and fostering development and therefore we need a church building. This project is a new project of the church since it was establish in February, 2010. We first bought a half plot of land worth USD$ 700.00, its equivalent in Liberian dollars is LD$ 51,100.00. Secondly, we have constructed the foundation and raise the wall up to window level and have gone out of funds. So far the local people have contributed up till USD$ 3000.00. This project will be sustained through collections and church contribution. We have not apply for and assistance from anyone/organization before. The total budge of the project is USD$ 28,690.00. We are therefore requesting your organization to assist us with USD$ 18,000.00. Yours in Christ, COST ESTIMATES AND BILL QUANTITIES Cost Estimated for proposed Church for Unmovable Baptist Church located in Morris’ Farm Paynesville, Liberia 2012-2013. 1. Work Already Done Amount in USD Amount in Liberian Dollars a. Foundation of the church TOTAL $ 1,320.00 $ 92,400.00 2. OUTSTANDING WORKS A. Concrete columns and beams (30 #) $ 15,000.00 B. Backfilling imported soil to make up levels 1,010.00 C. Inset concrete bed, 150mm thick 380.00 D. Rafter 2’ X 4’ X14’ 100.00 E. Solid block wall 3020.00 F. Staircase 80.00 G. Louvered block wall 4000.00 H. Plaster to solid block wall 850.00 I. Concrete slab on top of entrance doors 50.00 J. Plank roof structure 6200.00 K. Roofing sheets and nails 2250.00 L. Floor finishing 800.00 M. Doors 800.00 N. Glasses 6000.00 O. Sacristy and alter 300.00 P. Electricity installation 2000.00 TOTAL PROJECT AMOUNT ESTIMATED: $28,690.00 $2,008,300.00 COST BREAK DOWN FOR THE CHURCH AT MORRIS’ FARM, PAYNESVILLE CITY, MONROVIA, LIBERIA Item DESCRIPTION OF WORK UNIT QTY RATE IN USD$ AMOUNT IN USD$ 1. SUBSTRUCTURE Red soil filling and compaction well and leveling M3 10 70 700.00 2. GRAY STONES for Hardcore 250mm thick laying compaction well and leveling M3 70 375.00 3. 200mm ground floor SLAB Pain concrete grade 20mix 2:4:8 M3 70 1,125.00 1. DECORATION BLOCK Bedding jointed in cement/sand mortar mix 2:6 M3 70 800.00 TOTAL CARRIED TO SUMMARY $3000.00 BILL QUANTITY Item DESCRIPTION OF WORK UNIT QTY RATE IN USD$ AMOUNT IN LD$ FOUNDATION SUB-STRUCTURE 01. Site clearance and construction M3 2 70 140 02. Water for work tools Item 70 3500.00 03. Examination foundation trench exceeding 2.5m deep commencing from stepped level for concrete sated tick M3 70 750.00 BASE FILLING AND CONCRETE 08. 200mm thick to foundation filling sand and leveled to receive bed concrete. M3 70 1400.00 09. Reinforced concrete grade ‘30’ mix 2:4:8 inset concrete to columns foundation M3 70 560.00 10. Reinforced concrete inset retaining wall foundation M3 70 350.00 11. Ditto foundation and pith beams M3 70 560.00 BLOCK WALL 12. 240mm thick concrete solid block wall foundation bedded and jointed in cement mortar mix 2:6 M2 70 7000.00 13. Back filling excavated materials around foundation M3 70 700.00 16. 200 thick hardcore breaking and leveled compaction to receive for floor slab. M3 70 140.00 17. Form work for column ground beams retaining wall foundation. M2 15 70 1500.00 SUB-STRUCTURE CONTINUE 18. High tensile steel bars diameter 16mm Kg. 145.28 70 300.00 19. Ditto “diameter 12mm Kg. 1612.5 70 350.00 20. Ditto “diameter 10mm Kg. 592 70 350.00 21. Ditto “diameter 8mm Kg. 319.6 70 295.00 22. 100mm thick ground floor inset concrete grade ‘15’ mix 1:3:6 M3 8.4 70 1000.00 TOTAL SUMMARY $2435.00 BILL OF QUANTITIES No. DESCRIPTION OF WORK UNIT QTY RATE AMOUNT Super Structure Joinery USD$ LD$ Prime quality hardwood frames finishing and filling to wall 14 70 980.00 1. 140 X 40 door frame Size 2.5 1m Frame 4 70 280.00 2. Ditto 2.1 X 9m Frame 3 70 210.00 3. 40mm framed match board door shutter size 710 wide comprising 100mm stiles 100mm top rail 150mm bottom and middle fitted in with 20mm T&G vertical joint boarding and fitting complete iron monger fix Shutter 4 70 280.00 4. 40mm flush door size 2.05 X 82mm Shutter 3 70 210.00 5. 140 X 40mm window frame H.W size 1.8 X 1.8m: with fix 16mm mild steel burg-labor horizontal and vertical and mosquito gauze inside window frame. Window 8 70 560.00 6. Steel window grills 1.8 X 1.8m Grill 8 70 560.00 7. Ditto door openings Grill 4 70 280.00 TOTAL TO CARRIED TO SUMMARY 3,360.00 BILL OF QUANTITIES No. DESCRIPTION OF WORK UNIT QTY RATE AMOUNT USD$/ LD$ 1. Plaster work: Externally wall rendering in two coasts with steel trolled to finish smooth finish’s 16mm to well plaster mix 1:4 100 M2 70 $200.00 2. 15mm to wall internally plaster in two coasts with steel trowelled to smooth finish. 25 M2 70 300.00 3. 30mm floor screening finishing with steel trowelled to smooth mix 1:3 116.65 M2 70 350.00 4. 12mm decking, plaster in two coasts with steel trowel to smooth finishes mix 1:3 118 M2 70 100.00 TOTAL TO CARRIED TO SUMMARY US 950.00 LD6650.00 BILL OF QUANTITIES No. DESCRIPTION OF WORK UNIT QTY RATE AMOUNT Item USD$ LD$ ELECTRICITY INSTALLATION GENERAL Item 70 210.00 PAINTING AND DECORATION 70 2800.00 1. Prepare prime and apply one thinned under coat and two full finish emulsion paint 400 M2 70 300.00 2. Ditto oil paint 50 M2 70 300.00 3. General surface wood us vanish point 30 M2 70 75.00 4. Grills us oil paint Item 70 300.00 TOTAL TO CARRIED TO SUMMARY $3985.00 278950.00

Reply by ABoogSeace on 09-04-17.

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