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Mission letter

Original message posted by Candy on 05-01-13.

A cry out to all Children of God, Can you envision reaching to take the hand of a small hungry child lost and feeling hopeless and knowing that all you can do to help them is to share with them the saving news of Jesus Christ? Reality tells us that no matter what we do we would never be able to feed and clothe, or provide medical needs to all the people in the world through missionary work alone. We are few called by God to do his will in the mission field. Being good Christians we are obligated to do his work we need to look at what he has done for us. We challenge you to put aside all else and think for a moment what would he have done. It stresses our heartís to see that so few care to help those in true need. It does not take much to show you care. What the people of other Countryís would think of us being a so called Christian based Country if they only knew what we really think and feel. Ask yourself as you read this letter of plea what do you think and feel about this matter? We are so very blessed by God that we should want to share with the less fortunate all across the world. So we ask that you please do not disregard this letter as a waste of paper and our precious time for every second we delay we are kept from doing Godís will. We want to share with you not burden you with a life changing ministry opportunity God has presented to us. During June 26, 2013 thru July 25, 2013 God willing we will be traveling to Kampala Uganda where we must stay in a safe location with guarded lodging. We will be working directly with our hosts and together with them we will Plant churches, hold crusades, seminars, conferences, and workshops. Help in the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic awareness Work with women and, children, men and youth ministries Help with free medical services Help in putting up church buildings (simple structures) Help in building and organizing needed orphanages To promote the ďgirl childĒ education in Africa Work to establish schools, clinics and health posts Work to establish small scale projects and businesses and any other work God willís us to take on. The purpose of our trip is fourtold: First, to seek, rescue, and restore the lost into fellowship with the one true God, and with the gospel of Jesus Christ, one on one. Second, we will be allowing God to work in our lives through the personal enrichment that comes from this type of mission trip. Third, this journey will help us to focus our individual skillís and prayerís by traveling to a foreign land and praying on site with Gods insight that he may open our eyes and heartís to the message of Jesus and working hand in hand with the natives of the land. Fourth, to seek, compel and bring the lost to Jesus Christ and as a member in his household, develop them to mature in Christ, train and equip them for the works of ministry in the church and mission in this world and purposely to glorify God. We are so excited about this opportunity and experience that lies ahead for us. We hope you too can see the value in what we will accomplish. As you can imagine a trip like this requires many things to happen. Prayer and words of encouragement While money is a very important factor, it comes in a distant second to our need for your prayer support. Please pray for us daily. Without prayer nothing would be possible. Financial support For our journey to take place we need financial support as well, we need to raise $ 6000.00 Any amount you would be willing to offer would greatly help in reaching our reachable goals. These funds would be used to: Purchase plane tickets, visa, and passports Medical needs shots, pills to prevent the spread of malaria and other viral and air bourn diseasesí Lodging, traveling means and fuel If by Gods will you can support us in a financial way, with a special gift we would all be so very grateful. Please feel free to contact us at 304-579-4616 or on face book or by E- mail @ or mail 115 Elderberry trail Gerrardstown, WV 25420. If you would like to be a part of this mission through financial support, please send support funds to 6975 Winchester Ave Inwood, WV 25428. Please make checks payable to Trinity Grace Fellowship Church with Randy , Candy / Africa mission in the memo line. We would like to thank you in advance for any support you may offer, for we know you too will be blessed. If along with your support you would like to be kept informed of our mission trip we would love to send you mail and invite you to look at our face book page daily as we will be keeping a daily journal and pictures of our travels there. We thank you from our hearts for your time and regards to our plea of need. Yours in Godís service forever, Rev. Scott and Candy Thompson That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil- this is the gift of God. Ecclesiastes 3:13 All is about Christ and his lost sheep.

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